Largest solar plant in the suburbs of the Dnieper


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In Dnipropetrovsk region put into operation the second power plant operated by solar radiation. The regional administration focuses on the fact that in the nearest plans for development of alternative energy in the Dnipropetrovsk region is the construction of at least three similar objects.

The main purpose of introducing such innovations is rather unfavorable ecological situation. The work of one of the solar power plant significantly reduces the level of CO2 in the air (reduction of emissions of carbon dioxide into the environment per 3000 tons).

The new plant is located in the village Podgorodneye. A large number of solar panels fixed on a metal frame form the basis of the total production of electricity. Design of solar panels connected to the inverters (converters of electric current), which are arranged on an area of 4 hectares in the form of series.

pr21-01-1-270x145The Director of the plant Yuriy Gordeev says that at this stage the total capacity of the station is a little more than 1,500 kWh.

This amount is enough to fully provide electricity to several thousand homes.

The power plant able to work in all weather conditions. Rain or snow are not factors lowering productivity. The most suitable temperature is in the range from +20 to -25 degrees Celsius. Zero indicators of the production plant has only at night. Cloudy weather can also reduce productivity by approximately half.

Production capacity provide more than 6.5 thousand photovoltaic modules in the power plant. Placed the modules on special structures in the form of a table. Each of them is connected an inverter that performs several important functions:

– convert DC to AC;

– adjusting the operation of the station as a whole;

– storing the system parameters and their transmission via wireless communication channels;

The developers of the power plant project draw attention to the fact that this production was elected multifunction latest models of inverters are issued by companies from around the world.solnechnyie-batarei

Innovation, which has no analogues in Ukraine, it is the use of rotary tables-trackers work in Dnepropetrovsk solar power. Using hydraulic drive, which is regulated by a special program tables without help occupy the optimal position relative to the sun. The power plant has a total of 24 such table. The other tables have a standard configuration and are manually set at an angle. The most productive angle of the device for this region is 30 degree. Installed in this position, the tables remain the same all year round. Tables-trackers, in turn, change the angle of inclination depending on solar activity. In addition, the trackers protect themselves from hazardous weather conditions: if the wind speed exceeds 18-20 m/s, a high-tech unit in automatic mode are arranged horizontally. This helps to avoid damage during storms and strong winds.

The staff of the Dnipropetrovsk SES represented by six employees. As the energy production process is automated, there is no need for a larger number of people serving the station. In the future we plan to increase the capacity of solar power to 6 MW.



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