Oblenergo of the Odessa region does not allow citizens to install meters for the “green” tariff of domestic production. Which side is true?


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Everyone knows the situation when Oblenergo refuses to issue electricity meters of Ukrainian production and offers, as an alternative, devices of Czech or Swiss production. The argument is simple to the pain – imported devices supposedly work better.

In order not to be unfounded, we will try to figure out how to choose the meter under the “green” tariff and whether there is a difference in functionality between foreign and domestic measuring devices.

Before approval of the meter for the “green” tariff in the project of the power plant, the owner must select the device that meets the requirements of a particular station. It should be noted that the recommendations of the regional power company also appear here and the majority of citizens do not dare to ignore them. The question is, are the counters of Ukrainian manufacturers suitable for home SES?

The question is, in fact, rhetorical. Production of meters for the “green” tariff sharpened by the realities of our country. Manufacturers are trying to expand the model range of meters so that the consumer has the opportunity to choose the most suitable device for his solar station. In this case, emphasis is placed on the price-quality ratio.

Each owner of SES has its own balance, where the meter sends data on the amount of generated energy and the amount used. At the end of each month, the owner of the home solar power station receives a payment that is equivalent to the amount of electricity supplied to the network. The energy used for the home is subtracted from the total.

Ukrainian manufacturers provide citizens with the opportunity to buy a bidirectional meter designed for operation in a network or hybrid power plant. Models of such meters differ in the set of functional positions and price. For example, you can buy a Swiss or Czech counter for no less than 7-10 thousand hryvnias, while a counter of a domestic manufacturer with the same technical specifications will cost you 3-5 thousand. Tangible difference, is not it?

The main argument of the oblenergo regarding the impossibility of installing meters for the “green” tariff of Ukrainian production is their low quality. Counters made in Switzerland or the Czech Republic allegedly better. We propose to focus on the service life and warranty obligations of manufacturers. Both Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers offer devices whose service life is in the range of 10-15 years.

A natural question arises: “Why pay more with the same quality and technical characteristics of the devices?”. Indeed, no need. The support of the domestic manufacturer only expands the possibilities of production and enhances the prestige of alternative energy in our country. In addition, funds from the sale of Ukrainian meters are floated in circulation and improve the conditions of technical maintenance of stations.

Is it possible to choose a meter for the “green” tariff, based on common sense and personal preferences, and not on the recommendations of the regional power company? The answer lies in the resolution NKREKU №170 dated February 27, 2014. The third section of the decree contains specific requirements for measuring devices:

1. Making calculations in two directions (accounting for electricity generated and consumed).

2. Availability of a remote reading system for meter readings produced using the AMR communication channel.

3. The presence of an interface for transmitting information regarding the volume and direction of electricity flows.

4. Compliance with the requirements of Oblenergo and its location in the State Register of measuring devices of Ukraine.

If the meter for the “green” tariff fully meets the requirements, then the citizen himself has the right to choose the manufacturer.


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