Opened metamaterial that can transform thermal energy into electrical energy around the clock


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It is already difficult to surprise the world community with components of solar panels. More recently, an innovation in the field of solar energy – a thermo-photoelectric element. During the generation of electricity, these components use thermal energy. In the process of generating heat emits infrared radiation. Obtaining electricity in this version is much more profitable than in the traditional form.

A noticeable advantage of thermophotoelectric elements is the possibility of their use at night. The main functional role in the process of solar energy conversion and the use of heat is played by the metamaterial. Innovation was developed by a group of scientists from the University of California. According to experts, the metamaterial is able to make a noticeable breakthrough in the distribution of thermoelectric elements.

The founder of the research group, Sergey Kruk, is convinced of the uniqueness of the metamaterial. At the moment, a scientist in tandem with the inventor from Berkeley is continuing to study the properties of the material. Metamaterial scientists use as emitter. This allows you to increase the performance of a thermoelectric element.

In the process of creating a metamaterial, scientists used:

– magnesium fluoride;

– gold;

– magnesium nitride.

Innovative material created in such a way that its properties are unique and inimitable. None of the compounds existing in nature can become an analogue of metamaterial in terms of functionality.

Sergey Kruk said that thermoelectric elements in terms of efficiency show greater potential compared to solar panels. Metamaterial is able to overcome many obstacles, thereby greatly increasing the chances of thermo-photoelectric elements to reach the production level.

A special advantage of the metamaterial is the absence of the need for direct sunlight. This allows you to productively use it even at night. It should be noted that the innovative material has very small dimensions. About 12,000 “segments” of metamaterial can be placed on the cross-section of the fishing line.

Regarding the scope of the metamaterial, scientists argue that it is incredibly wide. The invention can bring particular benefits in the transport sector. After the introduction of metamaterial elements into engines, heat can be converted into electricity. According to scientists, this project can be the basis for creating a new generation of solar modules.

Sergey Kruk asserts that the work on the project required a tremendous effort from the research team. Innovation is still at the testing stage. Scientists record increased indicators of efficiency and study the features of the use of metamaterial in various fields. The fact that innovation can function around the clock greatly enhances its potential.


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