Getting electricity from the ground


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Public payments are growing exponentially every year. The search for alternative solutions for the production of electricity is fully justified and requested, especially for a simple average person. Certain problems, of course, solves the banal savings. However, the level of comfort at the same time falls. That is why humanity is discovering new ways of obtaining energy from alternative sources.

The global network is replete with information about how people in the field achieve a 150 W lamp or start the engine from the ground. Sometimes such videos and articles lead to the appearance of false ideas. It should not denied that the supply of electricity in the bowels of the earth and on its surface is huge. However, getting it is not so easy. Let us single out several basic methods of obtaining electricity from the earth, which are of practical value and can be easy realize.

Production of electricity with two rods

This technology of obtaining energy has nothing to do with the electromagnetic field of the Earth. The basis of this method is the process of interaction of galvanic couples placed in a saline solution. For the experiment, it is necessary to take two metal rods (they should be made of different metals) and immerse them in saline solution. In scientific circles, it is call “electrolyte”. Because of this interaction, a potential difference will observed at the ends of the rods.

Indicators of the magnitude of this difference will depend on the composition of the solution, its concentration and temperature, the dimensions of the rods, etc.

It is possible to get energy using this method not only from the salt solution, but also from the ground. Here, in addition, you need a galvanic couple, that is, two electrodes made of different metals. They should immersed in the ground. The depth should be at least half a meter. The distance between the rods is 0.2-0.3 m. The earth between the electrodes should watered with electrolyte. After 10 minutes, the appearance of electricity can be determined using a voltmeter. The device can show different values ​​- the amount of current depends on many factors. It should be noted that this method does not allow getting a voltage of more than 3 V.

Getting electricity using the neutral wire

Earth’s magnetic field is also not directly relate to this method. The essence of the method lies in the collection of energy, which during the maximum consumption of electricity enters the earth through grounding.

In the apartment building, two conductors carry electricity. In the case when another additional conductor is connected, one can observe the appearance of a voltage between it and the neutral conductor. In this embodiment, the voltage fluctuates within 15 V. Condition – the third conductor must be connect to a powerful ground.


Interesting in this case is the fact that the locking devices do not determine the voltage emanating from the earth and arriving at the neutral conductor. Nevertheless, when connecting a 12 V bulb between these contacts, it will be obvious that there is a current.

It will be almost impossible to apply this method in multi-apartment buildings due to the lack of a powerful ground loop. In a private house, this method can used. Connection is make according to the scheme: neutral conductor – load – ground surface.

Pay attention that it is very dangerous to connect the phase conductor instead of the zero one according to this scheme. In this embodiment, you have a chance to get 220V from the phase and the earth. Only in this case the grounding bus will carry a deadly danger, and touching it can become fatal.

In practice, to get electricity from the land is quite realistic, only in very small quantities.


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