True and myths about the operation and usability of heat pumps


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There are many opinions on the topic of heat pumps, some of them are myths. Below we look at some of them.

Big cost of buying and assembling a heat pump. This is not the case because the cost is similar to other heating installations. The whole installation for a large house should be a bit more expensive than the cost of a gas installation for the same house size. Just filling the oil in the gas system costs extra money. However, when comparing the subsequent costs of using all these installations, heat pumps are the most economical.

Heat pumps consume a lot of electricity. In principle, the current is accepted only by the pump compressor, which runs for the time programmed by us, and not all the time during the day. Compressor operation can be configured so that it works only at night, at the cheapest rates, which will further save.

Well for the pump is not always needed. It all depends on the type of pump you want in your home. We can choose between groundwater and water pumps, which differ slightly in their performance and properties. Ground pumps usually require a well, although not always, because it is now possible to place the probe at a depth of 130 meters.

Pumps can interact with other systems. Yes, pumps are designed in such a way that they can easily interact with another system, which, however, should be considered as an additional emergency element, since the pump itself must cover all the need for heating. However, if the need arises, the pumps work well in combination with other heating schemes.

Heat pump requires a lot of space. If we choose a compact version of the modular pump, it will not take up much space and will be aesthetically well-located.

In Ukraine, heating systems with a heat pump are not yet very popular, in contrast to Western Europe, where such solutions have been spread over the years. In our country, all the barriers and unwillingness to invest in such heating systems are due to the conviction that it is very expensive and unprofitable in the future. Let’s take a closer look at all this. Before we decide to buy a heat pump, let’s calculate all the long-term costs that we expect for individual heating systems.

Let’s look at the current prices for fuel oil, gas or coal and the prospects for using this type of fuel in the future. Mineral deposits are depleting, gas and oil prices are constantly increasing, so aren’t pumps the best solution for the future? Heat pumps use up to 75% of heat from the ground, air, or water, which costs us nothing. Only 25% of the energy is generated by the compressor, and engineers are constantly working on this parameter to reduce it even more. We will achieve the highest efficiency if we obtain a smaller heat difference between the source and the heating unit, which is possible using several methods.

The pump can be configured to work during a certain nightly rate, when electricity costs the least and the accumulated energy will be used during the day. Choosing a good source and setting up the heat pump to work properly are the basic steps you need to take to ensure the best results from the pump. In our country, most users of pumps decide to take energy from the ground, which gives the best performance. Installation of the pump should be carried out by specialists who will ensure its proper operation, any violations can lead to excessive power consumption. The heat pump is currently the safest and most environmentally friendly system.


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