Oligarchs kill SES owners


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Not so long ago the state began to actively support the formation of alternative energy. The only question is: who really wins it – oligarchs or ordinary citizens?

The Verkhovna Rada of April 25, 2007 approved the Law abolishing the “green” tariff. The bill specifically touched those who have already built land-based solar power stations of up to 30 kW.

It should be noted that the change in the scheme of organization of measures to support alternative energy in Ukraine began to be actively considered two years ago. The central idea was to reduce the “green” tariff for large solar power plants and wind farms. In addition, it was discussed the possibility of transferring stations to work in competitive auctions.

Such new solutions have become more in demand because of the preferential tariff situation. The fact is that the “green” tariff in our country – one of the highest among European countries on an industrial scale. Alternative energy brought the country 2 percent of electricity in the overall energy balance, and needed 8 percent of the money from the energy market revenue. At a national scale, it is about 16 billion hryvnia only last year.

Only the conclusion of the debate on this issue was the maintenance of a very high “green” tariff for large industrial plants by the end of next year.

In addition, the Law says that stations that will continue to operate by the end of 2020 can count on fixing a high tariff for as long as ten years. In the case of specific projects signed with the energy market agreements, they have the opportunity to connect a high “green” tariff and for stations built after 2020.

Now consider the situation with the terrestrial home SES. Deputies adopted an amendment that completely abolished the “green” tariff. With the adoption of this Act, owners of domestic solar power plants are obliged to give the generated electricity in the general network absolutely free of charge.

The law will give its first detrimental results for SES owners in the next quarter, when NKREKP indexes the rate at the rate of the European currency.

Solar stations, which have panels for the land, will already be taken into account in the tariffs will not be.

MPs consider illegal enrichment of SES owners as one of the main arguments for the adoption of this bill. According to Minister Nasalik, Ukrainians sell energy not only from their own sites, but also they are engaged in installing panels on empty sites than violate the law.

Only from Mr. Minister did not take into account the moment that, according to the law, adjoining adjacent areas is prohibited. All manipulations on these issues are carried out by Oblenergo employees, concerning the arbitrariness of which we have published material on several occasions. It is clear that bypassing the Oblenergo it is impossible to connect any household to the “green” targe. But instead of putting in order in the valiant ranks of Oblenergo employees, who regularly complain of citizens, deputies decided to punish honest citizens, which in this matter 95%.

The sensitive issue regarding the abolition of the “green” tariff was not thoroughly considered. Petro Poroshenko signed this law, which secured the oligarchs the right to earn a super-high tariff, and Ukrainians, with their humiliating salaries and pensions, left the least hope for earning money from alternative energy.

Andrew Gerus, on his Facebook page, commented on this decision: “From the next quarter, such small home-based SES will release their e-mail for free. And large SES Akhmetov and another “elite” will sell the same electricity at the grid for 5 hryvnias for a kilowatt-hour, for them a super-high green tariff will work further. “


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