A company from Turkey built a powerful wind farm in Odessa


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According to company representatives, they are proud of this project. Guris wind farm is an example of overcoming the boundaries of power and the introduction of new technologies to increase the productivity of an alternative enterprise. This company from Turkey is a subsidiary of a large holding, thanks to which more than 1 gigawatt of new wind turbines has already appeared in Turkey.

It is worth noting that the new station (Ovid WPP) in the Ovidiopol district is not only the brainchild of a Turkish company in matters of construction, but also an effective investment project. According to preliminary data, the wind farm will be able to generate 118 million kilowatt-hours of energy during the year. In reality, the wind farm will be able to meet the energy needs of about 32 thousand households with a capacity of 30 MW.

A wind farm was installed in the Ovidiopol district of Odessa region. The wind farm is located between the resort Gribovka and Ovidiopol. The facility has 9 GE 3.6 installations. During the installation of the station, 137 turbines were used, having a hub height of 131.4 meters and a blade diameter of 137 meters. These wind turbines were specially produced at a factory in Turkey for this particular project. The turbines were released on February 28 of this year.

The Ovid Wind Wind Station has a capacity of 32.4 megawatts. The customer of the project is Ovid Veter LLC, Odessa. This project in the field of wind energy includes all objects of mechanical, electrical and civil installation. It is worth noting that the station will be commissioned by the end of September this year. Five wind turbines have already been installed, the sixth wind generator is awaiting completion of installation of the base. According to the installers, the full installation of one wind turbine takes about 3-4 days.

It is worth highlighting the fact that for this project, the Turkish company specially built a separate distribution substation. Such an integrated approach to installation will provide 32,000 houses with electricity and will not allow interruptions in the supply of electricity.

The Turkish company Guris has clearly shown that new, promising players are entering the global alternative energy market. Wind energy around the world is considered promising and promising. That is why more and more new companies offer innovative solutions for new projects.


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