Tesla offers solar panels for rent: they will be installed for free, but you will have to pay for dismantling


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Солнечные панели в аренду

A month ago, the American company Tesla offered new service for residents of 6 US states – rent solar panels Rent Solar. The company’s employees will install the panels and all necessary equipment for free, as well as connect it to the existing home electrical network.

The rental price starts at $50 per month and depends on the size of the selected devices (small, medium or large). But if you refuse to rent or want change panels with samples of a different size, you will have to pay a lot more for dismantling the system – $1500. At the same time, the company assures that there is no profit from this service.

The supplier guarantees the daily generation of electricity by the system more than 13 kW/h, thanks to which the owners will save up to $650 per year.

solar panels for rent

Mashable reports that Solar City, which is also related to IlonMask, has already offered a similar service before, but failed, ending 2016 with a loss of $3 billion. In the fall of that year, Tesla bought Solar City for $2 billion, although in the summer, Mr. Musk planned to do this for $2,6 billion. By the way, at that time the company also installed panels for free, and customers had the opportunity to buy electricity at a discount.


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