History of one solar station or Ukrainian lawlessness in action


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There lived a solar station, a beautiful one, progressive. I was standing in the Odessa region, not touching anyone, generating energy for the good of the country. But the hard times came in the life of the Station – a neighbor came and shaded it. The station asked: “Neighbor, move a little bit, you make me a sunset.” I am protected by law! ” The neighbor glanced at her face and expanded her station. “What law – do not laugh people. I am acting within its framework, I have only established for myself from this framework. And you have no chance. ”

Such a sad fairy tale in the realities of modern solar energy. The small generation for Ukraine is like a sip of clean air, and it clearly shows the political activity in stimulating the development of RES. But does it make sense to solve the future of “green” energy in closed cabinets, when some Ukrainians, born in the 90’s, hide it with their own hands?

The exact situation – one solar station shades another. The law in this regard says that this situation is possible when shading does not go beyond the 2.5 hours a day. In practice, such a shadow carries a loss of 30% of the total generation. When a person who has invested (or even worse – credit), will be able to return the investment with such losses?

The investment issue in the field of solar energy is now very acute. International laws are signed, therefore, the rate of development of RES should be tireless and catastrophically fast to grow. Changing the “green” tariff leads to a loss of a large percentage of investors. That is why there are such rigid battles around the process of changing the tariffs for “green” energy. Against this backdrop, the question arises: “Is there any sense in such an active struggle for foreign investors when their own (even on a small scale) is hampered by imperfect legislation?” The rhetorical question, although very important.

Let’s draw attention to the development issues. The fact is that the construction of buildings at the site covering the station is prohibited by law. Construction work is carried out without a project, without permissions, and officially on the spot in general, a canopy or shed is generally mentioned. Local government offices respond to statements promising to conduct an inspection. There is no real reaction or clarification of circumstances. The conclusion is that some still make money by the 90’s. The question is, why does the state allow it?

The picture is as follows: somehow, for example, Vasyl Ivanovich from Lviv worked his life for the benefit of the state of his life and tried to save a small amount of money in order to provide himself with electricity in old age and to receive an allowance earned by honest work. He turned to the specialists, then to the authorities on the permits-declarations-certificates. Having prepared all the necessary papers, having spent extra time and money, so everything was law.

And next, the picture is different: recognizing the legislation ineffective. Someone builds a solar station without permits-declarations-certificates, but also generates generational losses to another station. And it turns out dry from the water.

This story is one of many. The law in the field of solar energy is imperfect, but it is not an occasion to drop your hands. If you work on this issue together, side by side, then the results will not force itself to wait. The only question is whether there is a desire for Ukrainians to promote the development of “green” energy?

Quote: “Write wherever you want! Who will read you there? !!! ».

We, dear, will read those Ukrainians who are not indifferent to the fate of our country. Those who sincerely believe in pure heaven above our heads and create the future today and now!

Friends will be grateful for the maximum repos! Let’s try to reach out to our hearts and bring green energy back to the rightful path. This is important for all of us, for everyone.

Station address:

Odesa region, village Nova Dafinovka, street Kurortna.


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