The two-sided PANDA BIFACIAL module generates 30% more energy due to the capture of scattered radiation


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If you compare conventional solar panels with the PANDA BIFACIAL module, the second one has a huge advantage: after a heavy snowfall, it is able to clean itself.

At the Chinese laboratory, Yingli’s State Key, during the entire period of heavy snowfall in 2017, conducted an experiment of this kind. The panels have proven their ability to self-cleaning in practice.

The high performance of the PANDA BIFACIAL panel is confirmed by many studies. Even in bad weather and in low light conditions, it generates energy in full and performs its work without interruption.

Another feature of this module from the Chinese manufacturer Yingli is that it works on both sides. Its back side captures the light that reflects off the snow and transforms it into energy. During the operation of the device for the conversion of “green” energy, the generation of electricity in parallel produces heat, which accelerates self-purification.

PANDA BIFACIAL: what are its advantages?

  • Compared to other devices, the Yingli battery has high performance in low light conditions. Batteries from a similar category were compared. In low light conditions, PANDA BIFACIAL to convert sunlight into energy can capture more light, thus increasing power generation.
  • Due to the fact that the PANDA BIFACIAL module is two-way, it has more power. The reverse side of the panel absorbs light, which is reflected from the earth’s surface due to snow and converts it into energy. The same happens with ambient light. This makes it possible to increase the power of the panel by a third.
  • Reinforced mechanical performance.
  • The self-cleaning technology that is present in the Yingli battery is improved compared to others. Therefore, for those who have their own solar power plants with such equipment, cleaning the panels does not take much time and effort.

These benefits are appreciated by the world community. For example, in the Netherlands they have already opened a station that consists entirely of double-sided panels.

A few years ago, in the Netherlands, Chinese manufacturer Yingli Green Energy together with Tempress Systems BV launched SES with double-sided panels. At that time, it was the largest station in Europe with installed batteries of this type, although traditional stations of a larger size existed. According to the results of work, it was established that this SES produces 30% more electricity.

For the construction were used 1428 panels PANDA BIFACIAL, each of which had a maximum power of about 280 watts. In order to make the generation process more productive, a micro-inverter was installed on each panel. About 400 kW was the overall performance of this station, and for the year it had to generate 400 megawatt-hours.

The warranty for double-sided panels PANDA BIFACIAL is given for 30 years, which is much longer than the lifetime of one-sided samples. For this kind of panels, Benz Alusysteme racks were created separately. They are attached to the battery, which produce energy from the scattered light. The use of special mounts allows you to extend the life of the panels and maintain their performance.


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