Pridneprovskaya thermal power plant may in the future be transform into a powerful SES


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Ecologists Dnipropetrovsk region are sounding the alarm about the consequences of the functioning of the Dnieper TPP. Scientists insist that the existing thermal power station was close and in its place built a solar power plant. The Chairman of the ecological Council of the city of the Dnieper Angrezi Alex notes that the Dnieper TPP poses a real danger to the environment within the region. Now, near the plant showed a significant excess of the permissible amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Ecologists from the regional Council appealed to the mayor with a request to close the Prydniprovs’ka thermal power station and construct in its place an alternative power plant.

In addition to the city hall of ecologists sent a letter to the Cabinet, but in the answer received formal uninformative instruction, testifies to the indifference to this problem and the reluctance to solve it.

Mr. Angulate at this stage intends to launch the initiative to hold meetings of the National ecological Council of Ukraine. This event is intend to bring the authorities to the problem of environmental pollution in coal thermal power plant and to find a viable solution to this situation in the near future. Ecologists argue that the negative effects of the functioning of the Prydniprovska TPP, it is possible to get rid of for 7-8 years. There are two ways of solving this issue:

1) bring the plant to a level that complies with national environmental standards;

2) development of solar power.

The second option will help to create additional jobs for local residents, and can provide heat for about 15-20% of the population of the left Bank of the Dnieper river.



The total cost of the project for the construction of the new SES is estimate at one million dollars per megawatt of capacity. Given the fact that the Dnieper thermal power plant has a capacity of more than 1,700 megawatts of solar power station construction will require considerable financial expenses. Experts estimate that the payback period is around 5-6 years.

Now, the leadership of the Dnieper TPP notes that a private Finance company for the reconstruction of the power plant.


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