Remote chargers will soon replace non-contact charging


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Energous from California recently issued an official statement that they received a certificate from the Federal Communications Commission of the United States of America (FCC USA) for the latest development – WattUp technology. It is a remote charging unit that can provide a wireless charge for batteries of mobile gadgets within a radius of about 1 meter. In this case, there are no restrictions on the type and number of charged devices.

For access, you need a WattUp receiver, which will either be integrated into the mobile, or it will look like an external receiver.

First of all, it is planned to release the corresponding discrete devices, although in the future it is expected that this function will be built-in in household appliances, cars, food points and other public places.

WattUp has some similarities with Wi-Fi, as it will work on a standalone platform, which will allow using the device regardless of the manufacturer of the gadget.

How does it work?

The WattUp ecosystem consists of the receiving and transmitting parts, as well as unique software.

One-shot charge

The main difference between WattUp technology and the currently known wireless chargers is the principle of operation. So, in the second variant electromagnetic induction is applied, whereas the new development transforms the electric power into radiation of the radio part, which then, with the help of the transmitter, is transmitted to the receiver. It was in this connection that WattUp Mid Field needed a FCC certificate as an aggregate that emits radio frequencies. Special programs WattUp not only is able to dynamically redistribute guide charts, but also adapts to the needs of each individual gadget.

Chip Control WattUp

The inventors of this unique technology claim that the function of the device is fully automated and works only in the case of the need for recharging. While the direct contact method can only be used for accelerated charging.

WattUp Household appliances

Based on official information from the company, it can be argued that Energous is by far a unique development that is compatible with Wireless Charging 2.0 and at the same time supports the function of the remote and contact method of the charger.

In the plans of Energous developers the introduction of the WattUp transmitter into almost all types of home appliances – from TV sets to the “smart home” system.


Based on the official description of this technology, in the future it is planned to improve it, which will be associated with an increase in the distance of remote charging to almost 5 meters, which expands the diameter of action to a figure just below 10 meters (up to 30 feet).

Prospects in the world market

For today, the exact time of WattUp technology’s release to the world market is not yet known, although taking into account the receipt of the required certificate indicates that everything is ready for large-scale commercialization of the project and mass production. For the first time, the newest sample of the WattUp device will be presented at CES2018, which is expected to be held in Las Vegas, Nev., Just the other day, January 9-12.


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