Two of the most successful Ukrainian projects last year have collected a significant amount of funds on the crowdfunding platform.


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Ukraine annually presents new and interesting projects to the world community, but the complexity of their implementation is inadequate funding. Those companies that could not find an investor to realize their plan in reality turn to crowdfunding platforms.

The most popular are Indiegogo and Kickstarter. These services have a very simple principle of interaction: starters place their work on them and receive pre-order from different companies or individuals. Thus, the customer receives a guarantee that an innovative product he will be among the first, and starters, in turn, receive their primary market.

Last year, representatives of Ukraine collected more than two million dollars on these platforms.

It is hard to imagine, but an innovative camera from Ukrainian developers collected $ 90,000 in just one day thanks to the crowdfunding platform.

Developers, placing their creation in the spaces of Kickstarter, planned to collect about $ 15,000. This amount would be enough to launch the production of cameras that make instant snapshots. The innovative component of this project is that each camera will made from recycled paperboard or paper. The startup is call Jollylook. The camera does not have any electronics or complicated technical devices. It consists of paper, several lenses and special small cartridges that make instant photos.

The camera cartridge allows you to make ten photos. Its replacement does not cause any difficulty, so even a child can use the camera. The design of the camera is also very interesting – the device is make in the form of a vintage accordion.

The inventor of this camera said that the idea of ​​this device appeared at a time when he explained the principle of this kind of camera for his child.

Interestingly, an innovative camera in the production process needs material (paper or cardboard) less than the traditional camera package. Developers Jollylook assert that for nature, such a camera does not bear absolutely no harm. The case itself is made of a hardboard, which is partially laminate in some places. The camera will cost customers only $ 35.

To capture a picture, you just need to click on the button and wait a couple of minutes.

Another less successful project on the crowdfunding platform was the electric bike. The present invention was present to the public under the name Delfast. This invention is the name of a company specializing in providing courier services.

The management of the company at some point seriously thought over the selection of their employees of vehicles that can travel at least 150 kilometers a day. In addition, the means of travel should not require too much maintenance and operation. The modern market was not able to provide transport that fully satisfied their needs.

It was then that the company’s management took advantage of the services of the team of developers, which were design by the electric bike. The vehicle can travel about four hundred kilometers with a single electric charge.

The idea of ​​this startup was able to collect almost 50 thousand dollars in just one day. The total amount collected by users of Kickstarter was about 165 thousand dollars. The price of electric bike will be 3 thousand dollars. This year, the company-developer will organize production in the territory of China.


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