In the region of lower Silesia will construct a new solar power plant of 10 MW


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This statement was made by the Solar company Polski SA. According to data from the Polish project contractor, the solar panels will be installed near the town of Jelenia góra (germ. – Hirschberg). Notable is the fact that the solar Park will be built in the shape of a deer, which is a symbol of the nearby town.

As stated by the head of the company William Buba, this development, which is being implemented according to the instructions of the city authorities, will be an example of how local communities in Poland take the lead in the search for energy independence.

The program is embodied under the form of so-called “energy cluster”. This became possible after the reform and adoption of the Law on renewable sources of energy, which stimulates the official contribution of the local Polish communities in local production and redistribution of electrical energy.

According to the data obtained in the course of internal research, the company Polski Solar planned to build 30 000 solar cells are black and blue. Who is the manufacturer of solar panels remains unknown, as the Polish General contractor will not disclose this information. According to the presented data, the cost of development will be about 37 million PLN (approximately € 9 million). Now the company Polski Solar busy implements six such projects in the southern regions of Poland in cooperation with three dozen local communities. Details of construction are kept secret.

In our time has become more popular, the idea of solar dyeing in different colors. With this approach, solar power looks more attractive because they can be given any appropriate shape. Much better than the visualization of brands and initiatives related to the development.

In may 2017 manufacturer of solar panels from China Panda Green shared plans construction of solar power plant of 50 MW, which in its view should resemble the Panda.

This event occurred in accordance with the development Programmed of the United Nations (UNDP) to support its efforts to provide information to young people about sustainable development. This announcement contributed to the development of the visibility of the work carried out by UNDP and visualize your brand, as most of the media along with major publications and TV channels, for months the news about this event. It is worth noting that not so long ago; the designer of solar panels from China changed the name “United PV”, using a more visual – “Panda Green”.


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