Sales of systems of autonomy of homes functioning on the energy of the sun and the hydrogen component, started on the territory of Germany


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The company from Germany currently offers its customers special systems that provide absolute energy autonomy for private one and two-story buildings. Compact installations can provide housing for the whole year to electricity. This project was call “Picea”. The system includes special devices that provide energy, using as a source the energy of the sun and hydrogen.

The system includes a fuel cell. It allows you to generate electricity and receive heat in the winter. In addition, the system has an electrolytic, which converts the sun’s energy into hydrogen compounds during the summer.

Developers also provided battery storage that retains solar energy for 24 hours. The battery capacity is 25 kilowatt-hours. It should be note that the structure of a single system includes:

– solar controller;

– cylinders filled with hydrogen, which serve as a power storage device (capacity – from 350 to 1000 kilowatt-hours);

– inverters;

– tank provided for hot water, which plays the role of a heat storage device;

– installation for ventilation (contains a heat and moisture recuperator with a heat exchange efficiency of 93 per cent);

– management system.

During the summer heat, dwellings receive electricity from the SES, which is connect with the accumulator installations. Excessive amount of electricity goes to the production of hydrogen. During the winter, the installation generates electricity and heat using hydrogen compounds and a fuel cell. In the process of such manipulations, a certain amount of moisture is produce. It is use by the system as a humidifier in the house, which is especially necessary in winter.

The system of autonomous power supply is especially impressive with its compact dimensions. Only 3 square meters will be needed in the room reserved for Picea. Special hydrogen cylinders need another 4-7 meters square, but they are installed on the outside of the home. For the system, 8 kilowatts of power are standard. Maximum it can provide up to 20 kilowatts. To provide an average private house with electricity and hot water, this performance is more than enough. It should be note that Picea provides only 60 percent in the heating sector, so owners should consider installing an auxiliary power source. However, in a matter there is an exception – even 60 percent of the heat will be sufficient for housing with high-energy efficiency.

Developers from Germany have installed on the system of autonomous energy supply a price starting with the figure of 54 000 euros. In the issues of cost formation, the key role is play by the configuration of the installation, which is individually select for each object.


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