The Dnipro city will soon set up a test site for Hyperloop


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In February of this year, the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine made a statement to build a testing ground for the innovative attraction of HypeUA. Volodymyr Omelyan also said that in the near future the Center for Transport Innovations of a foreign company in the territory of our country will be established.

At this stage, the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine is engaged in scientific evaluation of the project. Representatives of Hype UA report that cooperation and realization of this idea at the moment is at the stage of technological and economic evaluation. When an assessment of the economic potential will be carried out, the construction of a testing ground in the Dnieper will begin. In the plans of foreign partners, this event is scheduled for 2019.

The test ground assembly is a preliminary step in cooperation with Virgin Hyperloop One, which envisages in the future the production of special vacuum tunnel installations on an industrial scale.

Cooperation with Hyperloop has a number of specific requirements and conditions. Before discussing the development of the testing ground in the Dnipro River, a presentation of the project must take place and a decision is made on the availability of financial opportunities.

It became known that the world-famous architect Fernando Romero would manage the construction of the site in the Dnieper. He and his team implemented the Mexloop project in Mexico. The architect said that by 2020, about 68 million people will be able to travel with the newest train. In addition to Mexico, the project is intended to be implemented in the UK. The vacuum train will connect London with Edinburgh. But until now, this plan exists only on paper, and Ukraine has already taken the first steps to implement it.

At this stage of checking the feasibility of the project, its cost is not formed. About a month – such a term was determined by the Minister of Infrastructure of our country for public assessment of the data. According to preliminary estimates, the price of the tunnel without a moving inner part will be at least three billion dollars. The Ukrainian Institute for the Future also made estimates of the cost of the Hyperloop line, which will be able to combine Kiev and Odessa. According to their data, it will cost 3.6 billion dollars.

As a financing, the project will not attract public funds. The building should be for the money of private investors.


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