The University of aviation in Ukraine is currently developing wind turbines with a vertical axis of rotation, and rotary solar platforms


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The National Aviation University has become an innovation center that is currently designing the latest renewable energy installations.

The latest devices are being developed by the Scientific and Technical Center for Renewable Energy Sources at the National Aviation University. The project is supervised by Professor Sineglazov Victor, who is the Honored Worker of Science and Technology of our country, the State Prize laureate in the field of science and technology.

First of all, it should be noted that a group of developers designed several wind turbines that have a vertical axis of rotation. In addition, they are equipped with a combined rotor, which allows them to function productively even when the wind speed reaches only 1 meter per second.

Professor Sineglazov noted that a wind turbine with a vertical axis of rotation has, in addition to a combined rotor, a multipole generator that protects the rotor during a hurricane wind. Also, the installation includes a controller that indicates the battery level (in the case of an autonomous system) and a network inverter (which regulates the transmission of current to a centralized grid). Victor Sineglazov said that the power of the windmill with the vertical axis of rotation will depend on the size of the blades. For example, if the wind speed is about 5 meters per second, and the length of the blade of the rotor will be two meters, then you can count on a power of 2 kilowatts.

Developers voiced advantages of the latest installations:

– absence of any negative influence on the person or the environment, which becomes possible due to the absence of infrasonic oscillations during the rotor operation;

– small dimensions (the windmill can be easily placed on the roof of a private house);

– ease of use and a high degree of reliability, which is achieved by reducing the number of mechanical units compared to the usual windmills.

The innovative wind turbine can function as an independent power generation unit, as well as in a tandem with a special sun-power plant. The solar installation has a rotary platform, which significantly improves the performance of electricity generation.

According to Professor Sineglazov, the solar station has the following components:

– photoelectric panels;

– Controller with the implementation of MRRT algorithms;

– inverter;

– a two-coordinate device that allows you to track the position of the sun (this unit includes a sun sensor, a controller and electric drives that are able to change the location of the array of solar panels in space).

SES on a mobile platform can increase energy production by almost 40 percent compared to standard solar installations. This increase in generation is made possible by the constant provision of the most optimal angle of incidence of sunlight on the surface of the panel.

Developers argue that their installations can be used by private households, educational institutions or medical institutions as a source of autonomous energy supply.


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