Students of one of the schools of Zolotonosha work on the development of an innovative method of water extraction using mines in the application of air


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Production of H2O from the air using mines is the concept of the latest invention of gold-colored schoolchildren.

Currently, the project group of students called “Water from the air”. Young inventors are part of the school group “ZoloWizards” specializing in robotics. The pupils for their development received the second place in the competition of regional significance in the city of Cherkassy. This championship gathered all fans of robotics in the region and went under the name “Water and Man”.

Participants of the team “ZoloWizards” are pupils of the school named after Sklyarenko, in Zolotonosha. Representative of the inventive group Gryazon Sofia (currently studying in grade 8) noted that the idea of ​​their invention arose when the students drew attention to one of the greatest modern problems of mankind – the lack of water.

The invention of the students of the gymnasium is that if the ventilation system is installed over the mine, it will be possible to collect condensed moisture in a special reservoir. The fans of the system will create a vortex air movement and stretch it through the shaft. Thus, inside the tunnel of the mine there will be conditions for the formation of the dew point, including the temperature at which moisture condensation occurs.

Students were able to reproduce this process in a laboratory and were able to get a positive result.

The team members have already made a proposal for the operation of such a system in the conditions of the city water supply. The technology can help in the extraction of water, which can be used for watering flowers in urban flower beds or for water supply fountains. It has now become known that the invention of students caused the interest of the owner of the network of greenhouses and he is ready to exploit their technology for water extraction for plants.

Participants of the “ZoloWizards” team have already received prize winning places in various contests and tournaments, even became the winners of the “Inspirational Team Spirit” reward. Schoolchildren noticed that they received essential help from the gymnasium and their trainer.

The team is not going to stop at that. For the second place in the robotics tournament, schoolchildren were given a chance to attend the Danish competition, which is held on a pan-European scale. New achievements further inspire young inventors and they hope that their ideas will be realized both in the territory of our country and abroad.


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