Small solar stations are able to save the energy network from overload


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Ukrenergo reported that due to the high ambient temperature in the summer, there is a high risk of power outages. The fact is that the temperature of the air this summer is a record one, because failures in the operation of the general power grid for this period can become a rather serious problem.

On the website of the company “Ukrenergo” there is information that the balance of production and consumption of electricity in Ukraine is broken and in a threatening position. Over the past couple of weeks, Ukrainians have experienced an extremely high temperature outside. Forecasters, in turn, recorded record temperature readings. This led to an increase in energy consumption. Peak power consumption was almost 18,000 megawatts.

During the period of increasing air temperature and with peak electricity consumption, the only option to maintain balance is to attract maneuvering capacities to work. According to Ukrenergo, such capacities are available as fuel at TPPs.

The only problem is that at this stage the work of the Ukrainian power grid is carried out in the absence of maneuvering capacities. Complicates the situation and the decommissioning of eight blocks of thermal power plants throughout the country in connection with the repair. The total power loss in this regard is more than two thousand megawatts.

If you do not take measures to introduce maneuverable power, then imbalance in the power system cannot be avoided. As a result – scheduling emergency trips. Ukrenergo does not have an additional resource to cover the peak load on the network. At the moment, this decision is the only correct one.

The premature withdrawal from the repair of blocks of thermal power plants (Zmiyevskaya, Tripoli, Donbassenergo) may have a beneficial effect on the stabilization of the situation. In addition, according to company representatives, the connection of gas and fuel oil units to work can smooth out the situation. Instability in the supply of coal to operating TPPs also creates a number of problems and exacerbates the situation. Ukrenergo appealed to the National Security Council with an official letter, in which the entire severity of the consequences of the imbalance is indicated.

It should be noted that another affordable option to reduce the risk of the situation is to attract small solar power plants. Increased solar activity during peak days entails an increase in the generation of “green” energy. These capacities could be productively used as maneuverable, which currently are not in Ukraine. Only officials are accustomed to solve such problems “in the old-fashioned way” and exacerbate an already difficult situation. Alternative solutions are right in front of the nose and their use would solve the problem of imbalance.


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