Solar power plant with a capacity of 30 kilowatts in a private yard for only four days: a reality or a myth?


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The location of the home ECS on the roof of the house is not always the most appropriate and most appropriate solution. There are a lot of pitfalls in this issue: a shadow from trees, which greatly reduces the productivity of the panels; complex configuration of the roof surface; chimneys and ventilation structures that act as obstacles; wrong angle of rocks, etc. These difficulties can not prevent the installation of a solar power plant, provided that there is a proper land on the territory of the household, which should become a bridgehead for the installation of panels.

An important limiting factor for the location of panels on the roof is the surface area. If you take the example of a house whose roof area will be 100 meters square, then the maximum power panels that can be installed on such a surface will be only 15 kilowatts.

Solar power is now getting more and more fans, so private SES is becoming more and more every year. In this case, the location of the solar power station on the land instead of the roof becomes more and more popular. Specialists have estimated that 30 kilos for the SES can provide around 33,000 kilowatt hours throughout the year. With an estimated 500 kilowatt hours of monthly household energy consumption, you can receive € 4860 profit through simple mathematical manipulations, provided that the “green” tariff is 18 euro cents. Pay off SES in about 5-6 years.

The construction of a solar power plant in the yard is not too difficult. In order to prevent unnecessary time and money, experts in the field of alternative energy recommend that they seek help from professionals in the field of installation of similar systems.

Consideration is also given to some important issues with regard to the immediate process of installing panels.

What requirements should be met when setting up SES in the household?

First, the orientation should be southern. This rule also applies to roofing SES. Secondly, one should pay attention to the possibility of forming a shadow from trees or related structures. This is unacceptable, since shading significantly reduces the amount of electricity generated. In addition, experts note that the panels can be placed in several rows if the land is limited. Here the main thing is to take into account the fact that the panels can overlap each other. Therefore, the distance between them should be clearly calculated.

What land would be needed for a 30 kilowatt solar power station?

If you place the solar panels in three rows, then, given the distance between the rows, it will be enough to be about 500 meters square. Depending on the angle of the panels and their size, this figure may vary.

Which SES is easier and faster to install: roof or ground?

In the case of a typical design (previously designed and rated according to the load), its installation will be somewhat lighter and take less time, since only tables should be installed and solar panels installed on them. The installation of a roof solar power plant is more time consuming, because the correct arrangement of photomodules and related structures on the roof is more problematic and difficult.

What has a direct impact on the time of installation of SES?

The main factor that inhibits or accelerates the process of SES construction is the presence / absence of necessary materials and approvals. These include the drafting of a land plot plan (underground communications and relief must be taken into account here), matching documents on the features of the panel arrangement and the capacity of the future station.

What are the components of a solar power plant built on a private plot of land?

The basis for SES are special “tables”, which will then be installed on the photomodules. These designs are made of galvanized iron or aluminum. During calculations, specialists take into account the fact that “tables” must not only stand the solar panels, but also other loads in the form of snow or strong winds.

How much time does it take to install panels on the site?

Provided that all designs are designed and created in advance, the installation process can take only a few days. All components of the future SES are transported to the construction site and are simply assembled by designer type.

In Ukraine, every month, a new number of households planning to install solar power stations in their areas are recorded. Ukrainians already had time to assess the reality of this kind of earnings on positive examples of hundreds of other people. At the moment, the state in every way contributes to the progress of this process, providing willing borrowers at a minimum percentage. Given that the SES will pay off 5-6 years, and the term of its service is at least 25 years old – this is a long-term perspective of money investments.


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