Ukraine in the path of energy independence, according to experts should go hand in hand with hydropower


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The territory of our country covers more than 60 thousand rivers of various sizes, the length of which is more than 135 thousand kilometers. Do not hide the fact that most of them are in a deplorable state due to pollution by industrial objects and garbage. The only option to benefit from such water bodies and not to harm the nature is the construction of ecological hydroelectric power stations.

At this stage of the development of “green” energy, they are increasingly talking about the solar or wind industry, but for some reason they are silent about hydropower. However, the construction of new HPPs can significantly accelerate the step of our country on the hard road to energy independence.

If we consider hydropower on a global scale, it provides about 20 percent of the total generation of electricity. The higher the percentage of productivity only in thermal power plants, which are not relate to environmental energy.

It should be note that the capacity of hydroelectric power stations around the globe is about 1036 gigawatts. Of this volume of energy, about 142 gigawatts is provide by pumped storage stations.

Leaders in the field of hydropower are the United States, China, Brazil, Canada and the Russian Federation. The palm of the championship in this rating remains for China, where the percentage of HPPs in the total amount of energy produced is 17 percent.

Our country, with a sufficiently powerful resource for the development of hydropower, uses it only half. Pumped storage and hydroelectric power plants give a total of 7,350 megawatts of energy.

The balance of capacities in the energy system of our country is distribute in such a way that the hydropower industry currently has a little more than 9 per cent for hydropower. The regulating and shunting capacities are in short supply.

Experts in the field of excellent energy argue that the energy needs of humankind will increase by 60 percent by 2030. Nevertheless, where do you get such a huge amount of missing energy?

The practice of developed countries shows that with the use of hydroelectric power, there will be no problems with power supply. In their example, Norway, Canada, the United States and Austria have proved this fact.

In order significantly increase the energy export indicators; the Energy Development Strategy of Ukraine was create. This plan was develop before 2035 inclusive. The following provisions are write on the pages of this document:

– The completion of the final stage of construction of the Tashlyk, Kaniv and Dniester hydroelectric power stations;

– Adoption of additional measures for reconstruction works on the territory of the stations located on the Dnieper cascade (including the Dniester HPP);

– The construction of new hydroelectric power stations on the Dniester and the Tisza River;

– Works on the restoration of already functioning hydroelectric power stations and the construction of new small rivers and drains in the channels.

It should also be note that in terms of economic and technical opportunities for exploiting the water resources of our country, we could count on almost 20 billion kilowatt-hours of energy. Only today only, half of the existing opportunities are actively used.


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