Thanks to “green” energy, Ukraine has received a saving of 1.2 billion euros for 4 years


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Alternative energy sources have helped our country save more than a billion euros over the past four years. The head of the State Energy Efficiency in the official report provided such information.

Sergei Savchuk also said that over the past four years, it has been possible to attract more than one billion euros of investment for the implementation of new RES projects. Ukraine managed to save about 1.2 billion euros annually on gas imports. The head of the State Energy Efficiency Agency also provided data according to which our country for the specified time purchased 6 billion cubic meters of gas a year less than before. Even in the scale of the whole state, these figures are quite impressive.

Over the past 4 years, Ukraine has also concluded 190 ESCO agreements, involving the allocation of about 200 million hryvnia. According to the estimates of the specialists of the State Energy Efficiency Agency, about seven billion hryvnias were invest for improving the energy efficiency of housing (including warming) for the period indicated.

Among the most important achievements on a national scale, experts emphasize the decrease in the volume of gas consumed (this applies to DH enterprises, residents and budget organizations). Six billion cubic meters of cubic gas savings were record last year. The comparative characteristic of consumed volumes was carry out with 2014 year.

Such news indicates that the level of energy independence of our country rises from year to year, that is, there is a positive dynamics. It also note that with the implementation of new projects in this area there are new jobs for our compatriots, which has a beneficial effect on the economy of the country as a whole.

The specialists of the State Energy Efficiency also noted that with the emergence of new capacities of alternative energy, local budgets of towns and villages receive tangible dividends from the lease of land plots, etc. In the near future, such dynamics will allow talking about the reduction of the population’s payment for energy.

In Ukraine, in recent years, there have been 2,000 additional megawatts of thermal capacity, which is generate not by gas. These projects proved to be sufficiently attractive for investment, so the financial investments were valued at 460 million euros.

In the State Energy Efficiency, they stated that based on the received data a new goal was form. According to it, until 2022 Ukraine should reduce the volume of consumed blue fuel by 5 billion cubic meters per year.


An important role in increasing the country’s energy independence was also play by “warm credits”. Such loans from the state helped the residents of the country to save considerably on energy carriers. Investment in this project amounted to more than 7 billion hryvnia. The project united about 500 000 Ukrainian families. The state under this program was reimburse 2.3 billion hryvnia. According to experts, thanks to the program on insulation of housing it was possible to save an additional 230 million cubic meters of cubic gas.

At the initiative of the State Energy Efficiency, the energy management system for enterprises in the budgetary area was implement. At present, in 95 settlements and 11 regions of our country, energy monitoring is carry out on a regular basis.


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