The algorithm for obtaining a heater loan for condominiums


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An example of a successful “warm” loan by condominium condominiums is the history of co-owners of multi-apartment buildings in the Kyiv region. Condominiums Kotelnikova-31, located in the capital, could get a loan, the size of which is 467 000 UAH.

An interesting fact is that this community became the first in our country who received a loan from OTP Bank. The issuance of credit funds was carried out in accordance with the program of money supply of energy efficiency of residential buildings. In Ukraine, such a program is conducted by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The program has received the international name IQ energy.

The Kiev ACMH, which issued a loan, will receive compensation under this program. In this particular case, such a payment will be 40 percent of the loan body. Representatives of the ACMHs reported that the project envisages the initial replacement of 66 windows that do not perform their functions due to long service life. In addition, the replacement is waiting for the old door in the apartment building. In the framework of the project, install energy-efficient window fixtures.

Kotelnikov-31 Condominiums Kotelnikov-31 Kostyuk Nicholas is convinced that the order and comfort of multi-apartment buildings depends only on its inhabitants. Mr. Kostyuk also said that members of the condominium associations are very pleased to be pioneers in this matter. Loans will help make them warmer and more economical. Mykola Kostiuk claims that one should not wait until the state resolves housing problems and problems. Residents of multi-apartment buildings must themselves identify the initiative and change the living conditions for the better.

Representative of the leadership of the international program for the insulation of housing in Ukraine Bulgakov Oksana stated that the lack of centralized measures for insulation of multi-apartment buildings makes it impossible to increase energy efficiency within the country. Therefore, ACMHs must be actively connected to the IQ energy program to solve this problem.

It should be noted that the insulation of housing not only makes living more comfortable and reduces the harmful emissions of carbon dioxide into the environment, but also significantly increases the cost of such housing in the real estate market.

In the management of OTP Bank stated that the loans for ACMBs envisaged a fairly wide range of energy efficient programs.

Credits allow:

– to make thermal isolation of walls, floors and roofs of the house;

– modernize the heat supply system;

– to install heat meters;

– install individual heating points;

– Increase the overall energy efficiency.

Specialists note that compensatory payments within the framework of the program of insulation of housing can be used by representatives of ACMHs not only for the main category of the project. These funds can be spent on services, installation works, and additional materials. But this rule applies if all of the above expenses were settled by a loan from a bank that is a partner of the IQ Energy program.

The website of the International Housing Inspection program contains a special catalog, which contains over 7,000 energy-efficient technologies and products that can be used within the project.

The loan from OTP Bank under the IQ Energy program can range from 200,000 UAH to 2 million. The loan is issued for a term of five years. The annual interest rate is 17.5 percent. In this case, there is a one-time commission – 1.25 percent.

The IQ Energy program aims to increase the energy efficiency of Ukrainian housing and create a more comfortable environment for them. Under current conditions, such a project can significantly reduce the amount of utility bills.


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