The city of Lion will be completely transferred to alternative energy by 2050


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Mayor at the opening of the International Ecological Forum in Lvov yesterday, that by 2050, the share of alternative sources in the energy balance will be 100%. Such an ambitious goal, Andriy Sadovy, approved the relevant memorandum. The agreement was signed with an international climatic organization.

According to the memorandum items, Lvov will gradually renounce coal and gas, reduce its energy consumption and eventually turn to renewable energy sources.

It should be noted that the city of Lion is included in the top 5 cities in Eastern Europe, which set a specific goal – the introduction of exclusively “green” energy. Among these cities also included: Chortkiv, Kutaisi, Zhitomir and Kamyanets-Podilsky.

Specialists note the beginning of the historic phase of energy transformation in Ukraine. The country renounces fossil fuels in favor of clean energy.

It is known that 84 percent of all harmful carbon dioxide emissions occur in the process of combustion of oil products, gas and coal. Preventing the occurrence of serious natural anomalies will help increase investment in alternative energy and gradually reduce the financial investment in the extraction and use of fossil fuel resources.

According to Yulia Melnyk (campaigners from the REE in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Caucasus), such events help build a new positive image of our country among the international community. Following the adoption of such political decisions, the following steps should be taken:

– creation and detailing of energy planning;

– development of climatic strategies;

– attraction of investments;

– сreation of a foundation for sustainable mobility;

– adaptation to climate change;

– increase of energy efficiency indicators.

Cities that have already signed such agreements are currently actively attracting investment and implementing new alternative energy projects. In the vicinity of these cities, new solar power plants and CHP plants that operate through biomass are being built. The first steps in the right direction are already being made, but ahead of Ukraine there are still many transformations and solutions that can bring clean energy to a new level.

Lvov’s mayor called on the leaders of other Ukrainian cities to assume responsibility for moving to the REE. According to Andriy Sadovy, the goal is very ambitious. To move completely to alternative sources of energy by 2050, a lot of money needs to be put into the reorganization of public transport and the city fleet should be filled with electric cars, modernization of the city’s waste water treatment facilities, the introduction of a large number of new technologies and adaptation to the realities of urban life.

The Mayor of Lvov said that the city now acts as a locomotive, which can show the direction to others and help them move forward. All you have to do is sign an agreement and begin to work actively.

It should be noted that from 12 to 14 September in the city of San Francisco there is an important event for the world’s green energy. The Global Climate Summit has gathered almost a thousand leaders of settlements, businessmen, and representatives of local authorities to form a new vision of the energy championship. This event was attended by the head of the Zhitomir City Council Sukhomlin Sergey. In his speech, he briefed representatives of different countries on the peculiarities of the green course of our country.


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