The innovator of Chernihiv region the vehicle is operating on firewood


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    Promotion of technological development of alternative energy provokes not only expand the scope of their use, but a handwritten counterparts to create a budget for personal use. A resident of Chernigov (village Koryukovka) own forces have created 3 cars, bike (runs on electricity), pyrolysis boilers and other such devices that receive energy from alternative sources. In this series of hand-made devices, the unique and innovative was the establishment of a gas plant that made possible the movement of the car Mercedes with the help of firewood.

    Innovator Nicholas, whether on your site in addition to all the other devices mounted wind turbines, due to which provides electricity to the work lathe and tool handles of wood. Having its own workshop, the artisan created a gas plant. Thanks to her, his car uses as fuel wood. This unit is house in the trunk of a Mercedes and not create any problems while driving the vehicle.

    Nicholas focuses on the fact that he invented the plant is operate with dry wood he chops to the size of the average potato, and lays directly into the device. The most suitable raw material in this process are oak, acacia and birch. Artisan says that the wood pine is not suitable for this role, as it has a lower heat transfer.

    lvkdgpoefepThe principle of operation of the innovative apparatus is as follows: incorporated in the installation of raw wood is ignite and when the temperature reaches thousands of degrees Celsius, the car is ready to movement. The device is analogous to the solid fuel boiler.

    “Provoked” able to reach speeds of about 70-80 km/h. Load the tank with wood to the maximum level, you can count on 50 km of trouble-free movement on ecological fuel. Besides, raw material selects the pure natural gas, which allows not worrying about the engine.

    Wood fuel innovator takes and stores in the trunk in a special bag. If he for some reason forgets to bring raw materials for the car, Nikolai can “fill” your Mercedes available forest fuel, because wood can be found on either the side of the road.

    Installation the gas installation of its own production of Nikolai the government has not spent a single penny – all the necessary materials were in his Studio. He made the car special pipe that brings the smoke from burning wood outside, so the interior of the Mercedes is not felt odors.

    Today, Nicholas is working to create a more powerful setup. Maybe in the future his invention will be a worthy alternative to traditional fuels for fueling vehicles.


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