The nearest prospect of our country in the field of solar energy from the mouth of a German specialist


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The whole civilized community has been watching tirelessly over the breakthrough that has been happening in the field of renewable energy for dozens of years. Ukraine also does not lag behind the leaders in this energy race. But really cloudless future promises such a rapid development of generation of “green” energy?

Clarify the situation in this issue and determine the immediate prospects took the head of the German company StellarS Consult and concurrently an expert in the field of solar energy Christian Shenvizner. Mr. Shenvizner noted that our country has another couple of years to direct the rapid development of alternative energy in the right direction.

German expert, mainly specializing in solar energy, assured that this area of ​​activity largely determines the pace of development of the state as a whole. Solar energy, if skillfully and rationally distributed, can give energy independence and prosperity. But there is also a downside to the coin, where due to increased competition, the profitability of such a business significantly decreases and the interest of investors disappears.

The main factor that determines the future of solar energy in Ukraine, a specialist from Germany called time. In his opinion, our state should by 2020 implement the maximum number of renewable energy projects.

He explained this by saying that the “green” tariff in three years will be reduced by 10 percent, so building new capacities at the investors’ expense will be problematic and harder. That’s why right now the Ukrainian ones need to work hard to move away from the consumption of blue fuel, gas and electricity generation with the help of nuclear power plants.

Christian Shenvizner also drew attention to the fact that it is extremely difficult to predict the cost of energy produced with the help of the sun. One thing is certain: a reduction in the “green” tariff will certainly lead to a loss of interest on the part of investors to invest their money in similar projects.

The specialist noted that for today the interest of investors from different countries in building capacities in the territory of Ukraine is steadily growing. Our country has a very favorable climate for the implementation of solar projects. At the moment, Mr. Shenvizner’s company conducts active advisory activities with representatives of Ukraine, as well as with investors from Austria, Canada and Switzerland. Both sides get consultations on optimizing costs and rationally setting up the production of green energy.

German expert insists that it is extremely important for the investor – it is reasonable to choose a site for the construction of a new solar power plant. Now the southern regions of Ukraine are the most popular for the construction of solar power. In a decade, the territory will be overloaded with stations and they will not be able to show maximum performance. The specialist notes that in this case it will be necessary to close some of them. The optimal solution in this situation will be the erection of capacities in the central or western regions of Ukraine. Generation of electricity will be lower than in the south, but profits will be guaranteed.

In addition, Christian Shenvizner noted that renewable energy can translate the generation of energy in our country to a more democratic path.

After all, if the number of households that produce energy and sell it significantly increases, then the influence of monopoly companies will be weakened.


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