The Town Hall in Lviv became the center of the “Night of Energy”


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The large sessional hall of the ancient town hall in the city of the lion became the most energetic object, bringing together the country’s initiative youth. The event was held on the night of the 10th for the 11th day of June. The night marked the start of the project for active young citizens called “Ukrenergo Laboratories”. This project has already received a popular name – “generator of ideas” in the field of energy. The initiative group of the SE “NEC Ukrenergo” informs that it is not an accident that the event is held in these numbers. The organizers timed “The Night of Energy” to the date of introduction of the visa-free regime for our country, thereby emphasizing that the Ukrainian youth had the opportunity to expand and open new borders In addition, the organizers focused on the fact that the initiative youth representatives have a real prospect for career growth in their native country.

More than two hundred young people from the Dnieper, Chernivtsi, Kharkov, Lviv and the capital became participants of the “Energy Night”.

Young people represented various spheres of educational activity: economics and management, television communications and IT technologies, energy, environmental protection and ecology, law and jurisprudence, PR and public relations and international relations.

The organizers originally approached the issues of the organization of the event. Young people who arrived in Lviv to visit the “Night of Energy” met electric cars. Tesla’s electric cars, known all over the world, have especially excited the youth.

At the Town Hall participants were waiting for research activities Tesla, organized by representatives of Lviv Polytechnics. From 9 pm and until the early morning, young Ukrainians had the opportunity to listen to mini-lectures and more than 20 speakers. Among the speakers of the event were leading managers of companies, specialists in the field of energy of Ukraine and other industries, passed on their experience of youth throughout the night.

Lviv Head Sadovy Andrey in his address to the participants noted that it is necessary to invest his energy and strength in the development of his native country. He also drew attention to the fact that traveling abroad for the realization of his creative plans is the simplest way, having a dubious perspective.

In addition to the mayor, the head of Ukrenergo Kovalchuk Vsevolod, the curator of this energy project Rubin Eduard and the head of the international relations and communications department of Ukrenergo Bno-Airian Michaylo came to congratulate the participants. The event was also attended by special guests from the Dnipro City Council and representatives of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

The head of the company “Ukrenergo” Kovalchuk Vsevolod in his speech to the participants formulated his own secrets of successful implementation in professional activity.

Mr. Kovalchuk urged participants not to be shy about their ideas and always share them, so that the opportunity to put them into reality. In addition, the head of Ukrenergo noted that at the moment the most productive strategy for achieving success is working in a team, where each participant puts maximum efforts into the common cause.

The participants of the event received new knowledge in the field of energy and management, and also adopted from the headliners a charge of enthusiasm and strong motivation for further career development in the chosen field.

“The Night of Energy” was very productive and the organizers of the project are not going to stop there. In the near future it is planned to conduct Soft Skills School.

The West will look like a specific school, for two days will be engaged in training active young people who showed creativity and motivation during the “Night of Energy”. Preliminary organizers will be held a competition, according to the results of which 14 people will be selected to participate in the energy school. For the contest, the participants will need to fill out a questionnaire and footage the video with an appeal message, which should show the participant’s desire for training and his motivation.

After passing the school, the participants will join special teams in order to compete for the chance to realize their projects at the “Energy Khakaton” contest. Also, the winning team will be given the opportunity as a creative link to become a part of the leader of the electric power industry – Ukrenergo. Organizers note that you can take part in the project absolutely free of charge.


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