The Ukrainian innovator created a full-fledged residential building from bags with clay and earth


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Now you do not have to borrow credits on your own to have your own home. Enough thousand bags of clay and a little wood. It should also be noted that for the erection of a building, cement is not required at all. The house is built without a foundation and at the same time reliably stands on the ground. Do you think it’s fantastic? Not at all.

Ecodom was created by a resident of Prykarpattya Pochigailo Oleg. Novator took as a basis the ancient construction technology, according to which our ancestors built whole settlements. The man has slightly improved the process of construction, thereby creating his unique technology, which has no analogues either in Ukraine or in the world.

Oleg Pochigailo notes that the ecohouse includes the following rooms: a living room, a dining room, 3 bedrooms, a sauna, a library, a kitchen, a bathroom and an anteroom.

For a family of five, the space will be enough to feel comfortable. The innovative house has two floors. The area suitable for living is 120 square meters.

The technology behind the construction of housing, called Earthbag. Mr. Pochigailo said that the process of erecting his house has been going on for three years already. Active work is carried out in summer. To build a man did not attract builders. All work is done independently or with the assistance of relatives and friends of the family. To date, the owner has only to put in order the internal form of housing.

Ecohouse serves as a kind of thermos. In the summer it is cool, because thanks to the thick layer of clay it does not let out the heat. And in winter it keeps the temperature well and does not freeze.

The creator of ecological housing argues that “sack” construction is very profitable. Firstly, the house is 100% eco-friendly and does not cause any harm to either the nature or its inhabitants. Secondly, the final cost of such housing is ridiculous. Thirdly, such a project can become a flight of fantasy, because a builder can embody the most diverse and most incredible forms of a building.

The function of the foundation in this house is small stones. In addition, such a “floor” is a good drainage and removes excess moisture from the premises. Innovator argues that the traditional foundation in this building is not needed. Freezing and subsidence of the land for the house is not at all a problem. It should be added that the ecohouse is also seismically hardy. Such properties are due to the fact that clay is a sufficiently plastic material, which, when the shape changes, does not give cracks and deformations.

As a brick for the construction of bags with clay. The material is first densely packed in a bag, and then it is given a flat shape. Sacks with clay are simply stacked one on top of the other. In order for the walls to be unbreakable, barbed wire is laid between the rows.

From the bags formed the walls, which are then covered with a metal mesh. As the final stage, the surface with a grid is well covered with clay and plastered. The ceiling and the roof of the eco-house are made of wood.

Another advantage of such a house is that it can not produce fungus and mold. Clay walls breathe and do not allow moisture to stagnate.

The house of Oleg Pochigailo will be completely autonomous from the usual communications. The light will be provided by solar panels that will be installed on the roof. Heating will be provided with a wood stove. The pump will answer for water supply.

It should also be noted that the ecohouse did not initially have any project. Oleg says that he has no construction education either. The project was created on pure enthusiasm and the desire to learn something new.


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