The use of gravity and huge piston sizes helped the Germans create an innovative battery


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Gravity in recent years is more and more interesting for inventors from different countries. Its consideration increasingly occurs in the key to exploiting this physical phenomenon to create “green” batteries in alternative energy.

Earlier it became known about the development of engineers from Great Britain, called Gravitricity. In the center of this project is the use of heavy cargo in the conditions of an abandoned mine line, more precisely in the trunk of this structure.

In addition, the use of gravitational forces was mastered by the Americans in the development called ARES. This project implies the use of energy for the accumulation of energy, loaded with a concrete mixture of platforms.

To date, it has become known about the use of such a principle by Gravity Energy AG from Germany. The management of the company said that in the near future plans to build a large-scale energy storage facility, the total capacity of which will be one megawatt. The energy facility is located near Weilheim-in-Oberbayern. In order to accumulate electrical energy, the mine will be used, the depth of which is about 100 meters. The principle of the technology is that under the influence of water, the piston will rise, weighing about 6,000 tons.

The movement of the piston will be possible due to the operation of pumps powered by electrical energy from wind and solar installations. The working medium for this system will be formed using ordinary water. Innovative development will follow such an algorithm of action: in case the energy has an overabundance, the pumping units will create pressure and lift the heavy piston. When there is a need for power generation, the piston is released and, under the onset of its weight, during descent, water will pass through a turbine generating electricity.

The efficiency of this device is estimated at more than 80 percent. The planning and creation of an accurate development project is confirmed by a certificate from the Josef Fraunhofer Institute of Building Physics. Positive results of the device are also officially fixed.

Such Gravity accumulation plants using gravity can cover a fairly large need for accumulation of electricity, which subsequently resulted in the transition to renewable energy sources and the abandonment of stations operating on the basis of coal or gas. With the help of these systems, it will be possible to ensure the stability and smooth operation of environmentally friendly plants and make the operation of electrical networks more reliable.

Demonstration of the accumulating gravitational system from the German company will be held in mid-March this year in the city of Dusseldorf.


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