Training Сourse – Part 2. RES market in Ukraine and features of further development of the region.


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Solar installer
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RES market in Ukraine and features of further development of the region.

A great geographical location gives our country great chances for the implementation of solar energy projects.

The climate of Ukraine suggests the availability of a sufficient number of sunny days for the productive work of the solar power plants. It should be noted that the level of insolation in our country is higher than in Germany, which is currently the world leader in the part of solar energy in overall generation. The main prospects in the field of commerce solar power plants due to this very basic factor.

To date, the government is providing comprehensive support for new solar energy projects in order to popularize and promote it. Still, state support so far operates only at the level of adoption of laws. The practical application of the bills has not yet led to the desired effect, which should be expected in the future.

The last five years have shown that solar energy, which initially occupies a small segment in the form of a couple of pilot projects, has now turned into a rapidly developing area, which is gaining momentum exponentially.

Authorized agency IB Center Inc. From the United States, according to an analysis of the energy market of our country, it stated that capitalization indicators for 2016 amounted to $ 1.4 billion.

DOE report reveals trends in US, global renewable energy growth

Investment projects have suffered from events that began in 2014, but the situation is currently stabilizing.

According to the results of 2016, representatives of the State Energy Efficiency Agency presented a report that outlined the positive dynamics regarding renewable energy projects. A special place in the growth of the share of alternative energy in Ukraine is given to photovoltaics.

After the adoption of the Law in 2015, which related to amendments to the current legislation in order to create conditions for competition in the field of renewable energy, we can say that a fairly clear legal stimulation of the investment attractiveness of our country has appeared. By this law, the Verkhovna Rada tied the “green” tariff to the euro exchange rate.

Statistical data of the State Energy Efficiency indicate that in October last year in Ukraine there were 359 fully functioning alternative energy facilities. Their total power is about 1320 megawatts.

It should be noted that investment activity relative to Ukrainian facilities is increasing every quarter. Only while the share of renewable energy in the total amount of energy produced in Ukraine is negligible.

For almost the entire last year, alternative energy increased capacity by only 1% of the total energy volume.

But this fact is not a sentence for renewable energy sources. It is important that our country became part of the energy community of Europe. Thus, Ukraine has taken a number of obligations at the international level. The main one is to increase the percentage of alternative energy in the state’s energy balance. The share of renewable energy should reach 11 percent by 2020. Thus, we can conclude that in the next two years we will observe the construction of all new SPPs and wind farms in emergency mode.

Already at this stage, the share of fossil fuels begins to decline. This process is quite slow, but the shifts are obvious.

Europe's "biggest hole" and largest, most destructive open… | Flickr

Experts note that during the total use of fossil fuels around the world, stocks have been significantly depleted.

In Ukraine, there is a special program of energy efficiency and energy conservation. Based on the studies, the data were obtained, according to which for 2017 there are:

  • uranium deposits in the amount that is enough for the whole country for 30 years;
  • coal – for 170 years;
  • the oil reserve is designed for 43 years;
  • natural gas is enough for 55 years.

Such indicators confuse not only Ukraine, but the whole world.

China relaxes restrictions on coal power expansion for third year ...

Now the world community is striving to find an alternative and finds it in the face of renewable energy.

Experts in the field of alternative energy say that in the next 5-10 years, the profession “Solar-installer” will be the most demanded around the world, including in Ukraine.

The rapid development of this area around the world requires a large number of personnel. It should be noted that in Ukraine the demand for solar-installers will only grow every year. The reason for this is the high “green” tariff.

In Europe, the “green” tariff is actively reduced, and the payback period of objects is increasing. In Ukraine, the tariff will not be less than at least another 5 years. Therefore, our country is the most attractive investment.

Many experts note that the solar installer is the profession of the future.

It is interesting that at the moment in our country there are very few institutions that would teach this popular specialty. In addition, educational institutions (as in other professions) provide a maximum of theoretical knowledge and a minimum of practical knowledge. For a successful implementation in the field of alternative energy, a young specialist must have as many practical skills and specific knowledge as possible that attached to the process.

The cost of training is also important. So far, this area of ​​knowledge involves the graduation of a small number of specialists. The more the labor market will require qualified personnel in the field of solar energy, those tuition prices will rise, and at times.

It should be noted that in Europe at the moment you can get the highest quality education in this area. Moreover, both theoretical and practical. Many specialists who have studied abroad pass on their experience through training courses already in Ukraine.

Experts say that those who decide to master the profession of a solar installer today will benefit in the near future.

The country’s growing demand for solar specialists can be clearly seen in Germany.
In the last ten years, the number of specialists in the field of solar energy in the country has reached 300 thousand. And such indicators are not limiting, because this growth continues.
The joint research work of Greenpeace and the European Photovoltaic Union showed that until 2020 the need for solar installers around the world will increase by 34%.

In Germany at this stage, there are about 83,000 specialists in solar energy. The federal union of solar industry institutions conducted a study according to which, by 2020, the total number of solar installers in the country will increase by exactly 2 times.

Solar PV Installer & Wind Turbine Tech Are Fastest Growing ...

The training course of the company “Energy of Nature – Green Tariff” is aimed at mastering practical skills with theoretical support. The program of the course involves 7 hours of theoretical preparation and 9 hours of practical training. This approach allows after the end of the course to get a complete set of knowledge and skills of a specialist in the field of solar energy, able to begin to fulfill their direct duties immediately. Additional training after completing the course is not required.

After passing the Training program, the specialist will master the following skills:

  • determination of differences in types of energy;
  • determination of energy parameters;
  • create a characteristic of alternative energy systems;
  • indicate the processes occurring during the generation of electricity;
  • place the equipment in the correct way that is used to generate electricity through the use of solar energy;
  • carry out planning of the necessary scope of work regarding the equipment, installation and installation of special equipment;
  • to carry out competent and professional selection of equipment for a solar power station;
  • carry out monitoring of work regarding installation;
  • use technical documentation and instructions on the operational characteristics of the equipment;
  • carry out the selection of installations and devices for a solar power station;
  • perform installation work;
  • give an expert assessment regarding the quality of installation work and the possible elimination of defects;
  • monitor the functioning of the devices and equipment of the solar power station;
  • carry out technical inspection in order to provide services for the maintenance and repair of equipment and systems in general;
  • use special tools in the installation process;
  • make calculations of the cost of material and installation;
  • use various modern devices and computer equipment for the purpose of professional work;
  • interact in the process, both with Ukrainian companies and with foreign partners;
  • adhere to established sanitary standards and safety precautions when carrying out installation work;
  • to organize the workplace as ergonomically as possible;
  • to realize their knowledge as a private entrepreneur.

Features of the profession solar installer

The development of this specialty makes it possible to be realized from a professional point of view in the following organizations:

  • companies whose main activity is the creation and implementation of support for the effectiveness of networks, enterprises and facilities;
  • companies that are engaged in the installation or manufacture of photovoltaic panels;
  • directly at solar power plants;
  • companies engaged in the design and installation work to order;
  • foreign companies operating in the field of solar energy, both in Ukraine and in other countries.

Prospects for the solar energy market in our country

In a flow year, according to the announcements, the construction of some large solar power plants in Ukraine will be completed.

It is important to note that the installation of these facilities is financed by companies from Canada, Lithuania, India, Slovenia and China.

It should also be noted that Oschadbank will direct more than 27 million euros for the implementation of projects for the construction of SES, the total capacity of which will be about 35 megawatts. These facilities are located in the Dnipropetrovsk region.

A station with a capacity of 1 megawatt will be launched in Chernobyl. Enerparc AG and Rodina Energy Group Ltd. undertook the project.

Active work is underway on a project called Chornobyl Solar. This initiative involves the construction of an exclusion zone by solar stations. For the tender there is a struggle among companies from different countries.

Experts in the field of alternative energy are confident that Ukraine cannot turn off the path that it has chosen, having undertaken a number of obligations to the world community.

“Energy Strategy of Ukraine until 2035” regulates the increase in the share of renewable energy by 20 percent. By 2020, indicators should increase to 11 percent in the country’s total energy balance.

Accordingly, the current “green” tariff will be saved.

In matters of investment attractiveness, solar energy occupies a leading position. One indisputable advantage among others is the mobility of facilities. That is, the solar station can be easily dismantled and transported to another place. Dismantling and installation in a new place will not take so much time and from a financial point of view is not a huge loss.

It is expected that during the current and next year, new solar stations will be included in the work, and in quite a large number. The fact is that stations that will work after 2019 will have a “green” tariff 10 percent lower than those that manage to connect up to this point.

Зеленый тариф для физических лиц. Все этапы оформление бумаг.

According to experts, this year about 400 megawatts of power from the solar power station should be installed and connected to the network. These indicators will expand the solar energy market in Ukraine by 57 percent.

The solar energy market of our country at this stage is distinguished by a number of continuous changes.
Alternative energy experts predict, along with the construction of new solar stations, the emergence of previously unpopular niches in the energy market. An example of such a niche can be the service of solar stations. As an area for entrepreneurial activity, which is also undeveloped, service promises an unprecedented rise for new organizations that provide the services of skilled workers.

It should be noted that the probability of transition to direct contracts in Ukraine is quite high. This interaction practice implies that the consumer will conclude an agreement for the supply of electricity directly with the producer. In addition, consumers will have the opportunity to choose a manufacturer according to many criteria, including the cost of electricity.

All the prerequisites lead to the fact that Ukraine has a real chance to reach a new economic level by reforming the energy market. The legislative framework in matters of solar energy at this stage is imperfect, but work in this direction is more than active.


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