Under the Kaniv plan to build an ecological settlement, which will have a class of energy efficiency A +


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Eco-settlements are becoming more and more popular nowadays, including in Ukraine. Residents of big cities are increasingly thinking about going to the bosom of nature, abandoning the turbulence and stress of the metropolis. A major problem of this kind of settlements is the supply of energy and the provision of heat for individual homes.

In this issue, alternative energy can become a real solution to the problem and help significantly promote such an ecological lifestyle.

In the territory of our country soon may also appear eco-settlement, and its class of energy efficiency will be A +. Plans to settle on the Dnipro (right bank), it will be call “Dniprovsky Kuchi”.

A team from the architectural company Dmytro Aranchii Architects worked on this project. The Bureau developed the project at the request of the owner of the Trakhtemirov Landscape Park in Grigorivka.

The area on which the settlement should be located is located on the peninsula. The folk name of this place is “Silkworm”. The total area of ​​the peninsula is one and a half hectares, and the settlement according to the plan should take 1200 square meters.

According to the plan, the project will be implement in accordance with the principles of energy-efficient development. According to the words of the chief architect Aranthia Dmitry, the settlements will be integrate into the relief features of the plot.

Architectural mimicry is need to implement the project through a nearby nature reserve and ravines on the peninsula. Housing settlement is plan to be halve by half, to use the natural advantage of lowering the temperature in the summer and raising it in winter. In addition, environmental raw materials and technology called “craddle-to-craddle” will be use. This approach involves the re-use or safe disposal of wood or metal materials for nature.

Solar modules for housing energy will be install in the settlement. In addition, according to the design of the architect will find a place in the ecological settlement of heat pumps. Ventilation will be provide by the inflow and exhaust technology, which will use the recovery principles. This will allow you to receive clean air with the exception of significant heat losses. The main objective is to get the energy efficiency level of A + as a result.

It should be noted that the project plan includes 5 villas, the total square of each of them will be about 200-250 meters square. Each building will be oriented eastwards. On the territory of the buildings, there will be open-air pools, and in the buildings, themselves will be equipped with panoramic windows. As a view from the villa will be the river Dnipro and its landscapes, including picturesque ravines. Such a concept will reduce the volume of earthworks.

The distance between the buildings will be quite significant – about 50 m. This idea will allow residents of the ecological settlement to be intimidated and feelings of personal space, which will consist of removing from neighbors and staying in the company of the Dnieper.

The ecological settlement will be located at a distance of one hundred kilometers from the capital.

In this alternative, the use of alternative energy sources allows the settlement to provide itself with energy and heat, which supports the very idea of ​​such residential complexes without loss of comfort.


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