Solar panels Smartflower – a mechanical sunflower that generates “green” energy


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It is a well-known fact that solar panels, which are tightly fixed to the surface, give, in the final analysis, less energy than mobile units. Fixed fixation makes it impossible to fully apply the potential of the module, because the surface of the panel interacts directly with the rays for a relatively short time.

It’s no secret that this postulate has already found its application in the face of trackers for solar panels that can track automatically the position of the sun and adjust the slope and overall position of the photomodules. But the cost of this installation is not always economically feasible because of their price.

Solar installation Smartflower, according to Austrian developers, includes these mechanisms as a complete set. “Smart Flower” was created to increase the productivity and accessibility of home generation. Installation produces 40 percent more electricity than traditional solar modules. In addition, the undeniable advantage of the “flower” is its mobility, that is, it can easily be reinstalled to a new location, whether it be a roof or a private plot.

Power Smartflower is 3.2 kilowatts. The developers have equipped the installation with a system of “folding” modules. This mechanism automatically adds a “flower” if the weather does not allow it to function fully (strong gusts of wind, nightfall, etc.). It should also be noted that the creators of the “smart flower” have worked on its design – the unit is presented in eight colors.

The mechanism of installation has a tracker with two axes, due to which photogalvanic elements are oriented at 90 degrees throughout the whole working day. SmartFlower is capable of producing 3400-6200 kilowatts of energy. According to specialists’ estimates, such consumption is common for small household sizes in the central part of Europe.

Developers pay attention to the fact that the dimensions of the device do not determine its productivity in general. A more important role is assigned to the continuous production of electricity throughout the day. Due to this, the use of electricity produced will be more efficient.

“Clever flower” according to its creators reaches 60 percent of self-utilization, while in traditional solar panels this figure varies around 30 percent.

The special configuration of Smartflower makes it possible to avoid loss of productivity due to dirt on the surface and excessive heating of the modules. It should be noted that the time for the rotation of the solar panels and bringing them into readiness in a total of 1 hour.

General characteristics of the device:

– turns behind the sun are carried out automatically and thanks to the built-in GPS navigation system;

– there is a mechanism for self-cleaning modules;

– the device is capable of measuring and fixing the force of gusts of the wind;

– “smart flower” panels are monocrystalline;

– weight is about 1,000 kilograms;

– power – 3.2 kilowatts;

– operating temperatures are in the range from minus 20 to plus 60 degrees Celsius.


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