Loans from Oshchadbank to implement alternative energy projects


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The largest state bank has started a loan program for private individuals. Ukrainians now have a good opportunity to acquire renewable energy supplies and earn on it in the near future.

Savings Bank provides a loan for a term up to six years, the interest rate at the same time will be 19.5 percent. The offer of the bank attracts a fixed loan rate, which makes it possible to conduct an actual assessment of the value of the loan as a whole and make calculations for all possible future payments. In addition, Oshchadbank gives a guarantee that there are no hidden fees and commissions from this customer in this lending. In addition, when issuing this loan there are no fines and charges, if the client can repay the loan body ahead of time.

According to the stated terms of lending for “green” projects, the maximum amount of the loan cannot exceed one million hryvnia. The first installment of the customer must be at least 15 percent of the total price of the goods. For servicing a loan, Oschadbank set a one-time fee of 2.99 percent of the total amount.

Loan funds are provided for the purchase of solar modules; heat supply stations, operating through the sun; solar panels; wind turbines and wind farms; heat pumps.

Oshchadbank provides an opportunity to secure a loan to secure a collateral received goods.

In order to obtain a loan for the implementation of a renewable energy project, the client must provide the bank with:

– passport;

– ID number;

– statement of income for the last six months (for entrepreneurs – per year).

According to the approximate calculations on the body loan, taking UAH 10,000 as a loan, you can pay UAH 11,056 for the year of the regular payments in the classical way. Such a percentage is possible, since each month the body of the loan decreases, hence the percentage for use becomes smaller.

Lending is, at present, a realistic opportunity to acquire a private solar power plant or to install another type of renewable energy equipment in your household. It should be note that the loan will be pay up to six years, and the lifetime of alternative equipment is about 25 years.


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