The sun park in the United Arab Emirates is aimed at world leadership


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The largest park on the globe with solar panels, located on the territory of Dubai, will soon acquire a landmark. It will become an energy tower, which has the world’s largest height. This building will become the largest storage of heat.

A solar-paneled park called Mohammed ibn Rashid Al Maktoum in the UAE will have an energy storage facility in the form of an energy tower that will be of record height and can accommodate as much energy as is needed to meet the needs of 270,000 homes.

It is assumed that the height of the building will be 260 m, and the generation of electricity from it will be about 700 megawatts. Since the new production facility is environmentally friendly, harmful emissions of carbon compounds into the atmosphere will be reduced by 1.4 million tons within 12 months. In addition, the project envisages the creation of the largest in the world history of heat storage. According to preliminary estimates, the estimate for the project is about 3.8 billion dollars, which is equivalent to more than 14 billion dirhams.

The solar park of Mohammed ibn Rashid Al Maktoum has already gained worldwide fame due to the provision of electricity for the citizens of the country at the lowest price in the world. Citizens of the Emirates have the opportunity to buy a kilowatt-hour of energy at a cost of just over seven cents.

According to the representative of the UAE, Sheikh Mohammed, they intend to continue to implement the most interesting and promising projects that are able to qualitatively improve the lives of their citizens. In addition, he said that alternative energy is the key to the overall development of the country and the Arab Emirates is a striking example.

In the UAE, there is a strategy for generating energy from renewable sources. The program was named “Dubai 2050”. Its main direction is to receive in the country 75 percent of the total electricity through green energy.

According to specialists’ estimates, such an ambitious goal requires the generation of more than 42,000 megawatts of clean energy in order to reach the targets set by 2050.

A representative of the UAE Electric Power and Water Resources Authority said that the implementation of the energy tower project would make a tangible contribution to achieving the goals set earlier.

It is planned that the park of Mohammed ibn Rashid Al Maktoum will generate about 464 megawatts of green energy until 2020 (this goal should be achieved for the EXPO 2020). According to representatives of the UAE, such productivity indicators will allow meeting the energy demands of the event in full. Under such conditions, the exhibition in 2020 may well be the first, which was entirely provided with green energy.

It should be noted that the sun park in the United Arab Emirates at the moment is the largest in the world. According to the plans of the developers, over the next two years the capacity will be about 1000 megawatts, and in 2030 will reach 5 thousand megawatts mark.


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