The US large-scale project in the field of alternative energy


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Наймасштабніший проект США в області альтернативної енергії

Earlier we have already written about investments in “green energy” in different countries. Today we want to talk about one of the most ambitious projects in the USA. For the next five years, New York will put in about $1.5 billion in various renewable energy projects. Governor Andrew Cuomo along with Al Gore made such a statement on March 9 this year. By 2030, 26 far-reaching in the field of alternative energy will be able to provide half of the required electricity to the city.

Most projects will present the solar industry. Almost 85% of new reliable energy sources will provide enough power to supply more than 430 thousand homes and reduce carbon emissions by 16 million metric tons. Three wind farms and one hydropower plant will combine new projects, increasing the capacity of renewable capacity by 1.3 GW.

The US large-scale project in the field of alternative energy

Andrew Cuomo is known for his motion against the Oil and Gas Leasing Program on the OCS. Like Florida, New York does not want to be related to an offshore drilling plan that seeks to explore more sources of fossil fuels. This, in turn, will affect the fishing and travel industry, which were created 320 thousand jobs and brings 11 billion dollars in revenue.

Governor Cuomo said that protection of waters from any kind of pollution is important, but new federal plan intensifies the chances of disaster, like the one that devastated the Gulf. Also, he said that he believes that clean energy economy changes New York.

Projects can start as early as next month and will be completed by 2022. 40 thousand new jobs will be created. About 3 thousand constructions will be built. Ultimately, more than $3 billion will be spent.



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