A firm from Lithuania will provide serious investment support to the Ukrainian alternative energy sector


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Representatives of the Modus group, a multi-disciplinary company from Lithuania, announced their readiness to provide financing for the construction of a new solar facility in our country. According to preliminary estimates, the amount of investments will be about 30 million euro’s. The Lithuanian company is the link for a number of firms specializing in the sale of cars, real estate and work in the field of energy. Specialists from Lithuania already had experience in implementing projects in the field of alternative energy. Modus group was engaged in the construction of solar energy facilities in Spain, Belarus, Poland and Lithuania.

The representative of the company’s management Ruslan Sklipovich said that the company is very interested in implementing projects in Ukraine and is ready to invest. According to Mr. Sklepovich, the government of our country has managed to create conditions for foreign partners and to interest them in the development of solar energy.

Also in the company Modus group said that they are ready to invest money not only in Ukrainian projects. The company’s representatives actively monitor new projects across Europe and are looking for opportunities to invest in the energy markets of those countries where alternative energy is only gaining momentum. That’s why the company’s experts consider the Ukrainian market to be one of the most promising.

It should be noted that in the field of alternative energy of our country there are special tariffs according to which electricity is purchased by the state. The total capacity of solar energy facilities put into operation in 2017 is more than 300 megawatts. Over the period January-June 2018, this capacity increased by 180 megawatts. The capacity of facilities generating electricity from solar energy on the territory of our country totals 841 megawatts.

According to official information, the Lithuanian company plans to build a solar park, whose capacity will be about 35 megawatts. The project will be implemented by Modus Energy International and Green Genius. Both these companies are part of the Modus group.

The sun park will be located in the Zhytomyr region. Representatives of the company from Lithuania report that they are going to finish construction work and put the plant into operation by the end of next autumn.

According to experts of the Lithuanian company, the solar modules installed by them will be able to generate 45,000 megawatt-hours of electricity in one year.

It is also important to note that recently there was official information about the start of the work of the first stage of Sokhtak Solar Energy, which is a significant object on the energy map of Ukraine. The station is located in the Zaporozhye region, the city of Tokmak. The current capacity is 11 megawatts, after completion of construction work it will increase to 50 megawatts. The station is considered one of the largest in our country.

Solar energy of Ukraine is gaining momentum with each month. Very pleased with the positive dynamics in the form of multimillion investment and interest of foreign companies.


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