What records beats Ukraine in the field of environmentally friendly cars?


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According to experts, the past 7 months of 2018 were marked by the addition of 2,490 electric cars in the Ukrainian automobile market.

Representatives of “Ukrautoprom” said that the demand for electric cars has increased by almost 65% compared to 2017.

The pre-emptive number of electric cars registered for January-July of this year has a mileage. The number of used cars was 84 percent of the total amount imported into our country.

The greatest demand is noted for such models of electric cars:

– Tesla Model S (123 cars);

– BMW i3 (182 cars);

– Nissan Leaf (1621 car).

The list of popular models was enlarged:

– Mercedes-Benz B Electric Drive;

– Tesla Model X;

– KIA Soul EV;

– Toyota RAV-4 EV;

– Smart Fortwo.

Two years on end, our country is listed in the top 10 countries, where the electric transport market develops as quickly as possible.

Such an increase in the number of electric cars is directly connected with the strategy of Drive Ukraine 2030. This document was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. The project was initiated by the Ministry of Infrastructure.

The strategy covers the next 12 years, and regulates the construction of extremely important facilities at this time. The number of projects implemented within the framework of the Strategy includes the construction of two large industrial enterprises that will produce domestic electric cars.

The Government also plans to equip factories for the production of drones, ships, aircraft and buses, which will use electricity as fuel.

It is reported that the number of electric vehicles for these 12 years should be 50% of the total amount of vehicles of the Ukrainian automotive market.

Deputy Omelyan Vladimir noted that to create a strong country it is necessary not to modernize existing capacities and products, but to work on creating new ones. During the Strategy presentation, Mr. Omelyan stated that Ukraine needs to build a new reality, but not to repair the old one.

In addition to production capacity, the Strategy includes the construction of ten high-speed autobahns. The road surface will undergo changes throughout Ukraine. They even plan to create roads that can generate electricity. The transport strategy has not bypassed the train.


Within the framework of the project on the territory of our country there should be trains, the average speed of which will be about 150 kilometers per hour.

The Strategy also includes information on the construction of Hyperloop. This invention of Ilona Mask and his team is ground transportation, which develops ultra-speed. According to the creators of Drive Ukraine 2030 in the territory of our country should lie 5 branches of innovative transport. It should be noted that around the world they plan to build only 11. Hyperloop will allow you to connect different parts of the world and make long distance travel fast and comfortable.

The strategy clearly defines the transformation of public transport in Ukraine. For 12 years, this sphere should completely switch to electric drive.

Such a rapid development of the automotive market of our country has attracted the attention of foreign automobile giants who intend to install a powerful network of charging stations for cars on electric traction. At the moment, this process is at the negotiation stage.

The initiative in the installation of electric charging stations was expressed by Renault, BMW and Hyundai.

The electro mobile future of Ukraine is quite bright. The main thing is that everything planned is done with the same enthusiasm as discussed at this stage.


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