Australian scientists tested batteries for cars based on ammonia and hydrogen


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Employees of the organization specializing in scientific and industrial research from Australia carried out a number of tests of the innovative fuel cell. This technology is remarkable in that storage of hydrogen is not required, its allocation occurs when the car needs it. As the main working compound, ammonia is used. In safety issues, it exceeds hydrogen and, in addition, gives twice as much energy compared to hydrogen compounds in the liquefied state.

According to some experts, ammonia-hydrogen fuel cells can become a real breakthrough in the automotive industry.

The battery based on ammonia and hydrogen has special ammonia compartments, which have a special protective membrane and controller. The structure of the protective membrane is a special pride of scientists from Australia. This component of the innovative battery makes it possible to separate pure hydrogen by reaction with ammonia. At the same time, the membrane filters out various impurities, which greatly simplifies the process of using the dedicated connection.

The car receives energy by burning hydrogen in the combustion chamber. As a waste, nitrogen is released, which enters the atmosphere. For nature, this connection does not do any harm.

In addition, experts focus on the fact that technology is significantly cheaper in comparison with existing now. The process of synthesis of ammonia compounds from hydrogen and nitrogen was discovered long ago and found its application in production processes. Ammonia is easy enough to store and transport.

Refills for cars that operate on the basis of ammonia-hydrogen fuel cells will be extremely simple and do not require large financial costs.

The main advantage of this technology is that obtaining energy in this way carries no danger to the environment and is renewable. Components for fuel cells are extracted from the atmosphere, and processed products are sent there after receiving energy.

At the moment, the testing of cars working on new fuel cells has already been carried out. Representatives of this type of car are Hyundai Nexo and Toyota Mirai.

Also there was information that Hyundai and Toyota companies at this stage arranged an investment race. Representatives of these automobile giants have appreciated the new technology and are trying to expand the range of cars of their own production with the use of ammonia-hydrogen fuel cells as quickly as possible. This fact indicates that a large amount of auto data will soon appear in the global automotive market.

Experts say that there is no need to expect a big rush on sales in the European market. But for the Asian automotive market, this technology can be a real salvation. The thing is that in Asian countries the city has long been suffocating from the corrosive smog, which appeared due to the intensive work of harmful production complexes. The situation is exacerbated by the large amount of exhaust gas received from traditional cars on fuel fuels.

Ammonia-hydrogen fuel cells can significantly reduce the concentration of smog and harmful substances in the air at a relatively low price.


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