A schoolboy from Ukraine discovered a cheap method of generating electricity


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Tenth-grade Samuel Kruglyak claims that the first electric station appeared to him in a dream. At first, the guy did not even realize what he dreamed. A little later, he won the Olympics of geniuses in the United States. As it was, read below.

The world-famous Olympiad, which took place in the United States, opened the Ukrainian schoolchild to the scientific world, who managed to discover a low-cost financially way to generate energy through the ionization of clouds. The leadership of the Olympiad called the discovery of the student “a new word in the energy industry.”

At the moment, the first results of the work of the invention of Samuel Kruglyak are tracked by running a mini version. The scientific director of the section at KMANUM, which was visited by an innovative student, said that the installation is capable of not only generating electricity, but also receiving water in the process. The invention of Samuel allows you to receive the benefit of millions at a penny cost to start.

At the Olympics in the United States, a schoolboy was awarded a diploma, free tuition at one of the universities of America, and a scholarship of $ 700.

Samuil Kruglyak claims that many reputable scientists to whom he told about his project did not appreciate his idea. They all as one asserted that the development is contrary to the laws of physics.

The first victory found the project of the Ukrainian schoolchild at the national stage of the competition Intel ISEF 2015, which has an international format and collects creative schoolchildren around the world. At this competition, the guy chose the honorable 1st place, after which it was decided to go to the United States.

According to Samuel Kruglyak, he had to work on his own project for 2 years, sometimes at night. In addition, in his hometown of Alexandria there was no necessary equipment for testing the invention. For practical tests, the student went to the regional center (about 70 km away from his hometown).

He received support in his scientific work at the Small Academy of Sciences in the city of Kirovograd. Thanks to the supervisor Svetlana Peskova, who believed in the prospects of this project, Samuel successfully completed work on it.

The principle of operation of the invention is rather complicated and not understandable to the ordinary man in the street. The functioning of such a station is based on the ionization of clouds. According to the student himself, one such station, 150 meters high, is capable of providing electricity for more than 80% of Kirovograd region. At the same time, a kilowatt of energy from such an invention will cost 3 kopecks.

Samuel is currently working on the creation of a special transformer. If his work is crowned with success, then such equipment will be able to increase the amount of energy received from the invention by a factor of 6. Shkolnik claims that the full-fledged models of his invention, complete with transformers, are capable of generating a huge amount of electricity. For example, 5 such installations will suffice for the energy supply of our country. Given that their cost is very small, we can talk about a breakthrough in alternative energy.

Before the victory at the Olympics of geniuses in the United States, a schoolchild more than once appealed to the authorities and the media for help in implementing the project. But no one responded. But after the high-profile victory in the scientific world, proposals from deputies and sponsors regarding the implementation of his idea literally fell on Samuel.

Samuel Kruglyak conducted a series of studies on the impact of his invention on man and nature. Such a station does not bear any harmful effects. The only thing worth paying attention to when building an object is distance. For a person, the safe distance to such a powerful station is 500 meters. The object must be carefully and securely fenced, there should be no houses nearby. The schoolboy hopes that soon his project will be embodied in the territory of his native country.


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