The world’s smallest electric bike Carbo goes on sale


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A Canadian company is soon ready to launch a trial commercial batch of Carbo electric bikes in the United States. The creators of the folding electric bike claim that their invention is capable of becoming the “last mile” vehicle. This means that the direct destination of such a bike will be transportation from the bus station to the office or place of residence. In other words – the electric bike will be a great helper to its owner when you need to quickly and without traffic jams get to work or from work home.

The manufacturing company is positioning its invention as an “electric bike with the lowest weight in the world.” The weight of such a vehicle is 12 kilograms. It is equipped with a brushless motor whose power is 350 watts. Under the seat of the electric bike is a block of energy storage, which is removed if necessary.

If the bike is fully charged, then on such a “fuel” it is able to travel 45 kilometers. In case the owner of an innovative vehicle occasionally makes efforts and pedals, the distance may increase to 60 kilometers.


At the crowd funding platform, the electric bike manufacturer managed to collect about $ 800,000. According to the company, the electric bike should be light, attractive in appearance, with a long service life, affordable. It is these requirements for this type of transport that the manufacturer fully complies with and presents them as the basis of its marketing campaign.

The company intends to release models of electric bait with one and seven gears. Those who are the first to buy an electric bike should prepare $ 1199. They will be available model with one gear. If you add another $ 100 to the cost, you can buy a Carbo, which has 7 gears.

The release of the electric bike to the market is scheduled for April next year. It is worth noting that the initial amount of 50 thousand dollars required to start the project has already been exceeded more than ten times.

The frame of the electric bike is made of carbon fiber. Because of this, he is so light. In addition, the presence of Tektro disc brakes and Schwalbe tires should be highlighted.

Among the features of this model electric bike also:

– USB-port that allows you to charge phones, tablets, etc .;

– LED-display, which is located on the steering wheel (it displays all the necessary technical information);

– ability to integrate with a mobile device;

– Bluetooth.

Externally, the electric Carbo bike looks fragile and refined. This is a deceptive impression, because the vehicle is able to withstand a fairly substantial weight of the owner. The electric bike has several driving modes, among which is the “Sport” mode. In this mode, the bike can accelerate to 30 km / h with a moderate pedal load.

An electric Carbo folded perfectly fits in a medium-sized backpack. It comes complete with a bike. According to the functional component, such a bike is comparable to a scooter, that is, it does not burden the owner with large dimensions, does not create inconvenience, but at the same time allows you to get to the station of public transport as much as possible and back home.


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