A significant increase in the efficiency of the organic elements of solar installations has become a reality


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Groups of scientists working in the staff of the Berkeley Lab in the United States have long worked to create an environmentally friendly and at the same time an effective source of energy. Organic photocells for this purpose are ideal, because they are clean in an ecological sense, but their performance by the standards of alternative energy leaves much to be desire and needs further development.

Scientists were able to establish that when a certain process takes place, we can speak of a significant increase in the productivity of the elements. This process is superfast and efficient; it is capable of generating in the structure of an organic crystal, taking as a basis one particle of light, several special units capable of carrying an electric charge.

In the scientific world, this process was call singlet fission. Scientists say that due to the reproduction of this process by artificial means, it is possible to achieve a noticeable increase in the productivity of organic elements and thereby radically change the state of affairs in the solar energy market.

According to Berkeley scientists, the singlet fission process has shown special efficiency due to the fast conversion of solar energy into electric charges, the loss of thermal energy is minimize.

The inventors managed to recreate a special mechanism of the process that can occur in just a couple of femtoseconds (one quadrillionth of a second). The peculiarity of this reaction is that during its passage, other processes occurring in the elements occur a little later and are no longer able to take a large part of the energy.

The number of molecules and a certain type of symmetry plays an important role in the effectiveness of this process in the arrangement of atoms. As an example, scientists are a molecule of pentacene, which forms an organic crystal in the composition of photoelectric cells. The molecule consists of carbon compounds and hydrogen, and has a pronounced symmetry, due to which it can be say about its high efficiency.

The establishment of a connection between the symmetry of the molecular structure and the efficiency of the work of organic photocells makes it possible to calculate the probable growth in the productivity of elements of organic origin. The efficiency of the process takes place only in the case when the pairs of electron particles behave in a wave-like fashion and pass through the crystalline compounds like waves over the surface of the ocean.

Scientists say that using the doubling of charges can help to recreate the singlet fission process in practice. This technology is similar to the one used in the work of telephone displays, when the number of carriers of charged particles is reduced (by the type of triplet fusion).


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