Alternative energy of the future: the five innovations that can make a real breakthrough


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Introduction of innovations in production processes and improvement of energy saving methods have a direct impact on the existence of any person living on the globe. Optimization of the energy generation process allows satisfying the need for electricity of an increasing number of dwellings, while reducing the price.

We will consider five new technologies that can dramatically change the course of development of the energy industry in the world.

The first technology is a fuel cell. World leaders of the automotive industry are investing huge amounts of money in the development of this technology. Wide use of the fuel cell in cars will minimize emissions to the atmosphere and reduce the cost of vehicle maintenance.

The technology allows to provide high-grade movement of the car thanks to hydrogen and oxygen. As a waste, water and thermal energy are produced, that is, there is no harm to the environment.

At this stage, hydrogen is produced using fossil fuel resources. In the future this process will be provided through the use of alternative energy.

The second technology is lithium-air batteries. This technology is developed by scientists around the world. At this stage, lithium-oxygen batteries have two significant drawbacks:

– short circuit, the nature of which is not fully understood;

– rapid loss of energy by the battery.

The second problem scientists from Cornell University have already managed to solve, it remains only to eliminate the possibility of closures and technology can instantly find the widest application.

The third technology is the creation of an intellectual energy network of the 1st generation. To build a productive intellectual system, you must first install special meters in buildings and houses. The meter is able to analyze the actual information regarding the energy consumption of the building and send this data to the service provider. The supplier, in turn, will provide the optimum amount of energy. This will reduce unnecessary energy costs.

In the United States and the United Kingdom, since 2007, smart grids have been introduced when building new buildings. This process is quite long, expensive and is still incomplete. It requires a lot of technology for its global launch.

The experience of small communities has shown that the “micro networks” that were implemented there have excellent results.

The technology is the fourth – turbines, working on the tides. The density of water is 832 times higher than the density of the air flow. That is why the installation of turbines in water can be considered a more productive and effective measure. Despite the high potential of this technology, it is not yet in a hurry to implement it. The reason for this was accidents, which occurred with fishermen in California.

Scientists have created a mobile turbine, which is able to move along the coast. This will reduce the risk of collision with fishermen at times. To date, the innovative turbine is being tested in Scotland.

Technology is the fifth – a solar station in space. Projects of such stations are often mentioned in science fiction in the 1970s. Such SES could perceive a stream of more intense energy from the Sun for 99 percent of the time of its operation. The generated power would be delivered to the point on the globe where the need arose.

It stops the development of technology incredibly high price of the project. This process is aggravated by the lack of efficient technologies for transferring energy from space, which excludes large losses.

Despite this, companies from China and India are engaged in the development of similar projects. Scientists of these countries design future solar farm, which will be in open outer space and bring alternative energy to a new interplanetary level.

All these technologies have already been created by man. So putting them into reality is just a matter of time.


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