Zhytomyr region will soon acquire a ten-megawatt SES


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Representatives of the company-builder report that support in the implementation of the project will be provided by Slovenia. Representatives of the company-builder agree to provide financial support at the expense of credit.

In the city of Zhitomir, a powerful power station will soon appear, generating electricity thanks to the energy of the sun. According to preliminary information, the capacity of the facility will be about 10.6 megawatts.

According to information provided by the Ministry of Regional Construction, an agreement has already been signed regarding the construction of a new facility. The parties to the agreement were the company “Riko d.o.o.” headed by Janes Shkrabets and the communal enterprise “Center for Investments”, the head of which is the city of Zhitomir measures Sukhomlin SI

The erection and commissioning of a solar station involves the passage of two stages. At the first stage, the first stage of the facility, whose capacity is 6 megawatts, will be launched. The first phase will be put into operation in March next year. The second stage will launch the second stage of the station, whose capacity is 4.79 megawatts. This event is planned for the end of summer 2019.

Representatives of the utility “Investment Center” said that the company from Slovenia became a partner in this project after it managed to win the tender.

It should be noted that the firm “Riko d.o.o.” has already organized a number of projects on the territory of our country. In Zhytomyr, the Slovenian firm was engaged in reconstruction works at the pumping station, which provides the city residents with drinking water.

Representatives of the Ministry plan to complete the construction of the solar station in a short time.

Earlier in the media there already appeared information that the authorities of Zhytomyr region intend to build SES using the money of the budget for this.

KP “Investment Center” decided to announce a tender for the purchase of equipment for SES. The amount of purchases is approximately 326 million hryvnia. Plan to purchase:

– about 40 thousand photovoltaic panels;

– 47 distribution counters;

– 187 inverter installations.

In the conditions of the tender, it appears that the equipment must be delivered in full during the next May. The total capacity of the power plant will be 10.79 / 9.35 megawatts.

The deal on SES in Zhytomyr was carried out through the ProZorro system. Under the terms of cooperation, it is stipulated that the company that won the tender is required to provide part of the technical devices from its own funds. As an additional option, provision of irrevocable assistance (equipment supply) by third parties is considered.

It is important to note that the total amount of equipment delivered irrevocably should not be less than three million euros.

Also KP “Center for Investments” announced a tender for the acquisition of development documents for the project and drawing up estimates. In addition, the tender provides for installation and commissioning works. Representatives of the local authorities estimated these works at 108 million hryvnias, which will be received by the company that won the tender.


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