Apple has completely switched to alternative energy sources


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Компанія Apple повністю перейшла на альтернативні джерела енергії

Apple is known not only for the release of iPhone phones and MacBook laptops but also for the fact that it has been ranked first in Greenpeace’s green list for three years. In the spring of this year, Google made a statement that all of its global operations are carried out only through the use of alternative energy sources. That is, Google buys much more alternative energy than it uses. As for Apple, it also made a similar statement.

Apple has completely switched to alternative energy sourcesIt should be noted those two years ago, Apple has already reported on its achievements. Then all Apple companies used 93% of the alternative energy for their operation.

Google and Apple do not provide “pure” electricity for all 100%. Previously, we already wrote about Google’s success in alternative energy. Companies buy the volumes they need from other companies. Let’s try to explain what the essence is. Apple’s stores, offices, and production facilities take electricity, like other companies, from the city’s electricity grids. That is, the company gets “dirty” electricity, which then completely compensates for “clean”. The company emphasizes that it not only buys “clean” electricity but does everything for the development of the selected infrastructure and uses it. Apple has funded two-thirds of the power needed to meet its own electricity needs at its own expense.

Apple has 25 worldwide active alternative energy facilities that generate 626 MW of power to companies in 43 countries worldwide. 286 MW of power is produced by solar power plants that were launched in 2017.

In addition, Apple says that 9 important supplier companies use purely “pure” electricity. The use of green energy is one of the prerequisites for cooperation.

At Apple, they say that due to their initiative, the amount of carbon dioxide emissions has decreased by 54%. That is, the environment was thrown down by 2.1 million tons of carbon dioxide less. It is worth noting that the company does not stop at the achieved. At the moment, Apple is building 15 facilities that will be able to generate 1.4 GW of power after commissioning.



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