Will the Paris Agreement allow our country to build a new economic strategy?


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At the end of April, the capital of the capital held an international format, the main theme of which was compliance with the requirements of the climate agreement, which was signed in Paris. The Ministry of Nature and representatives of the World Bank were responsible for the conference. During the event, different states represented concrete developments in this field and put forward proposals for the formation of strategic directions on the way of low carbon development. The proposed options included a period up to 2050.

According to Stepan Semerak, our country needs to change the orientation of the current economic model in order to compete in the international market. In addition, Mr. Semerak added that Ukraine can not continue to follow the path of development, because it is obsolete and ineffective. After all, other countries began to abandon the use of gas and coal in large quantities and significantly reduced funding for this area. This approach has allowed many states to reduce the cost of solar and wind energy. It should also pay attention to the growth of advanced technologies and support their implementation in many countries.

Representatives of our country also presented the Strategy, after which the Minister noted that the world’s current conditions are a challenge and, at the same time, an opportunity for Ukraine. Changing the direction of activity is able to build new principles of economic development of the state, which will provide competitiveness. The economy should be reoriented to energy-efficient technologies and alternative energy sources. This will allow gradually abandoning the use of fossil fuel resources.

Semerak Stepan remarked that our country during the past two years has made a significant contribution to the implementation of the climatic national policy. Firstly, Ukraine was one of the first to develop the Strategy for Low Carbon Development required by the Paris Climate Agreements. The Ministry of Environmental Protection notes that the Government will consider the Strategy in the near future. This document suggests that a low carbon development model will be implemented actively and relatively quickly. The strategy also obliges to decarbonize the energy sector, significantly increase energy efficiency. The introduction of such a model of economy will enable the rapid development of alternative energy.

An international climate treaty (195 participating countries) was signed in Paris in 2016. This agreement was designed to strengthen compliance with the terms of the United Nations Framework Convention.

The Paris deal aims to do its utmost to ensure that the average temperature on a global scale does not increase by more than 2 degrees Celsius (ideally not more than 1.5 degrees). The beginning of the countdown is the temperature that was before the revolution in the industry, namely, until the burning of a huge amount of fossil fuel resources began. This led to changes in climatic conditions. In order to keep the temperature rising within the range of 1.5-2 degrees Celsius, it is necessary to cut off greenhouse gas emissions at a fast pace. The global goal is to eliminate them by the end of the 21st century.


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