Revolutionary technologies in the field of production of solar modules


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A company from the United States (California, Sunnyvale) called Hanergy has proved that price reduction with increasing efficiency of solar modules is quite realistic.

A group of scientists from Alta Devices (parts of Hanergy) recently reported that in a number of studies it became possible to create a module with the highest efficiency and conductivity indicators. This development at this stage has become a world record holder due to its characteristics. The main advantage of the innovative solar module is that it is single-section. This feature allows you significantly reduce its size.

It should be note that the energy efficiency of the solar device is much higher in contrast to the usual panels. Hanergy employees used gallium arsenide for this. This approach allowed us to multiply the rating of electricity conversion to 25 percent. This indicator was included in the world records.

The innovative discovery of Alta Devices has a conduction efficiency of twice that of traditional solar panels used in the industrial sector. However, the size of the new module is much smaller. The creators of innovation for this purpose used a special method of building up a microscopic layer of gallium arsenide. This layer is located on top of a single crystal of this substance.

The developers used the technology of organometallic steam deposit. At the end of the process, an epitaxial rise made, which makes it possible to remove the thinnest layer from the surface of the crystal formation. This process also acts as a key step in improving the module.

Such a method makes it possible to increase the power output of the module in conditions of reducing the total volume of a single section and overall dimensions. Thanks to this approach, a new solar panel can find application in CEC. To date, the developer company plans to conduct additional testing and testing.


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