Clothes on solar panels – know-how from Ukrainian designer


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The master of Kozelets creates the clothes of the future. The design history of Yuri Vulvach began three decades ago. A man has the education of a radio engineer, but creating a futuristic wardrobe is more for him.

Besides the creation of clothes, the designer also arranges shows that add a special charm to his fashion show. Yuri has repeatedly demonstrated alternative clothing for the residents and guests of Kiev.

A special education in clothing did not receive by a man. All skills acquired independently. At the beginning of his fashion journey, he used magazines and other periodicals that contained patterns as textbooks. Then he began to create unique items of clothing according to his own drawings.

Yuri argues that the sewing of clothing is very stimulating mental activity. He created the first patterns of wardrobe from those materials that were at hand. The man picked up a piece of leather and wondered how to make a pattern in such a way that the material was enough. It was not interesting to buy a ready-made version.

The clothes of the Kozelets wizard demonstrate the interests of the present society. The last collection of Yuri impressed with the unusual approach and the use of the latest trends. The designer created clothes and accessories and supplemented them with solar panels. The collection also decorated with LEDs for more entertainment.

Yuriy Vulvach noted that such clothes and accessories allow you to charge a mobile phone or other small equipment directly while walking on the street. If there is sunny weather in the yard, then such a wardrobe will save you money on electricity consumption.

The designer noticed that the solar panels embedded in the clothes have a capacity of about two watts. Such amount of energy will be enough full charge the mobile phone within an hour. There is only one condition – high solar activity.

The clothes also have LEDs. They are flashing while walking in the sun. In addition, the entire innovative cloakroom is a transformative thing. For example, a skirt can turn into a portrait, if it is unfastened.

Yuri Vulvach also created modernized fur products. This part of the collection is still sewing, but with its ideas, the designer is already sharing with the company. Yuri intends to equip his coats with solar panels and special heating systems. Such clothes will charge gadgets and warm up even in the worst colds.

Accessories from the wizard collection are interesting. Special attention of fashion designers has won bags with solar batteries. Such a bag on a cloudy day will play the role of a practical and extraordinary accessory, and on a sunny day, it will become a mobile solar station. Put a fashion handbag on a table where the sun’s rays fall, and while you enjoy a cup of coffee, your phone or power bank will charge.

The designer’s daughter helps her father in promoting his own brand in every possible way. She has come up with interesting ideas for photo sessions and clothing shows.

Currently, Yuri Vulvich is 54 years old. A man is actively filming in movies and commercials. Now the designer is starting to prepare a new collection of clothing, which is a plan to be shown in the United States.


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