Dubai`s company has developed Smart Palm, which is powered by the sun and charge the battery of smartphones


Anyone who has ever been in Dubai knows that this is one of the most advanced hi tech cities in the world. It is old hat, but one of the local companies upgraded their own product – Smart Palm. The previous version was a source for charging the battery of smartphone and Wi-Fi. The new construction has all properties of previous version, and display information about points of interest, get directions and help choose a shady place to rest.
The first Smart Palm was installed in Park Zabeel, and already updated version was posted on the beach Burj Al Arab. Burj Al Arab is one of the most luxurious hotel complexes in the country.
Smart Palm has a grand design. Palm leaves have solar panels, and the construction reminds photovoltaic installation with solar trackers in the shape of a flower. Do you think that is over? Only good design? Believe us, this is not all. Smart Palm reaches 6.5 m, and power at the expense of solar modules with a total area of 13.8 m2. Photovoltaic panel’s efficiency is 21% and fully meets the needs of the design.
Construction has 8 ports for charging mobile gadgets, and provides Wi-Fi, which operates within a radius of 100 m. The developers have included many people to thirst selfie, so in some structures mounted cameras. The monitor continuously broadcast news, weather and transmitted information on various services. Here, both tourists and locals can learn about the message of the government. Each design has alarm button, which will work in case of fever. Clock is monitored using CCTV cameras.
Developers talk about plans to install more than 100 Smart Palms in different areas of the city. Company D-Idea Media (developer) said that their development is an integral part of Smart cities and is a symbiosis of green technology, free internet and easy access to information.


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