Indicators of DNA for studies of geothermal wells


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Production of electricity from the earth’s interior has become one of the priority directions of alternative energy. The advantages of this method of energy production cannot be overstated. First, the potential of natural geothermal sources are inexhaustible. Second, the amount of energy produced is not dependent on weather conditions and she is available 24/7. Thirdly, in terms of the already wide use of instead of searching for existing sources of heat, mankind with his own hands creates them by drilling rocks.

%d0%b4Technical devices and power installation given the opportunity to artificially close to the earth’s heat. The only problem, greatly hindering the process and making it financially costly, is the search for the drilling of rock. Engineers-geologists conducting some serious research before to determine the most suitable point for installation of the well. Besides, such calculations are not always “hit the target”.

In the usual of a geothermal energy system, geologists have to create two types of wells. To create a well of the first type, the engineers drilled a layer of rocks at 4-6 km and is pumped into the hole cold water. From difference of temperatures deep in the earth, there is a gap of molten rock, and appear natural tunnels to advance waters further. Drilling holes of the second type, referred to as wells for technological purposes, in contact with such tunnels, push out hot from the heat of the rocks the water to the surface. Giving steam, hot water drives the turbines and generates electricity. For the increase of electricity generated, scientists must determine the most efficient placement of wells on the surface of the earth. Productive technology is the one well which is located at the intersection of large and deep tunnels that allow water to move without obstacles.

Unfortunately, does not yet exist in the scientific world accurate geological devices that would be able to specify the location of the tunnels (fracking) and their length. To obtain these data is possible by tracking the movement of water flow within the earth. Geologists use in the research process, specific indicators that have a fluorescent color that is present in the number of radioactive chemical elements. In this case, all obtained by this method, the data is quite ambiguous and confused, so scientists have been puzzled by finding alternative methods of research.

According to engineer geothermal systems Roland horn, similar difficulties in determining the movement of water and the size of tunnels can be avoided through the use of DNA. Based on the developments of the scientific workers, who are attempting to change the long code of DNA, a group of researchers of the horn used in their experiments, short artificial particles of deoxyribonucleic acid. DNA has a unique pattern with a lot of curls at the base, placed on the surface of miniature world. Ball, in turn, is made of silicon dioxide. By placing DNA in a silicon shell, command Roland horn, thus has provided a protective shell. A unique code that carries DNA gives scientists a great volume of necessary information. This innovative invention at this stage is laboratory testing. Silicon balls endured more than six hours at a temperature of 300 Celsius.

At this stage, actively work to improve the protection of DNA in high temperatures of the earth’s interior. In the scientific world started the race to create the most resistant to aggressive environment, temperature indicator.%d0%b3

The positive results of these developments will greatly simplify the procedure of installing geothermal power plants anywhere. A huge plus will be that investors will have confidence in reasonable investment in alternative energy, because the new wells will be as productive as possible.


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