Ukraine and innovations of the industry or familiarity with the Tesla Model X.


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The brand of Tesla has been a pioneer in the use of electricity as fuel for “iron” horses. If a dozen years ago, the use of such exotic plants in the head did not fit and looked more like stills from a science fiction movie at the moment is an integral part of our reality.

Well, as they say, demand creates supply. On the outskirts of the capital and then began to appear special charging stations for electric cars, as the Ukrainians, have a lot of income were able to afford this miracle automotive industry the new generation. Tesla electric cars are rapidly gaining popularity and are recognized throughout the civilized world. They have a number of advantages: first, they are very economical in terms of maintenance once a year to pass preventive inspection); secondly, they are absolutely silent in operation and quite fast; thirdly, they do not cause absolutely no harm to the environment. Save on “fuel” owners of electric vehicles can charge them at night, because electricity is much cheaper after 24.00.

In many countries, the electric car is no surprise. In Finland, for example, owners of such vehicles are provided by public benefits, which compensates part of the cost of electricity ( 12 thousand euros per year). This simplifies the process of sustainability of electric cars compared to cars running on diesel fuel.%d1%82%d1%82%d0%b8%d0%b2%d0%b8%d0%bf%d1%82%d1%81

The latest novelty in the world of electric vehicles was the Tesla Model X 90D. He was released from the plant “Tesla motors” in the Netherlands (Tilburg).In contrast to the single-phase model American sample, this model has a three phase charging system . First Tesla Model X saw the world in the past year. There are different model versions of the electric vehicle. The fastest and most powerful of them (Model X P100D) in just a few seconds gaining speed of about hundreds of kilometers per hour, while having a powerful electric motor ( about 100kW).


In mid-September 2016 the famous electric car Tesla Model X arrived in Ukraine to a new owner. At the moment it is too early to speak about the widespread popularity of this form of transport in our country, but the first confident steps in this direction have already been made.

The appearance in Ukraine of this news significantly raises the prestige of the country and demonstrates its readiness for the introduction of the latest developments of the global automotive industry.

At first, the use of any innovative technical devices has a number of problems in operation. For example. At the moment the owners of electric cars in Ukraine face difficulties in finding companies that provide maintenance such specific vehicles. You can also highlight here the lack of a sufficient number of charging stations.

Such problems will disappear as soon as the number of electric cars in Ukraine will increase considerably and, consequently, the creation of such conditions will be justified from an economic point of view.


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